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It’s taken me some time, but I realize that if I need to get anything done, I have to write it down.  It’s not just the visual aspect, but it’s also to help me remember.  My memory is AWFUL.  I blame the kids (cute and adorable though!).  I started tracking out my To Dos for every day – no matter how big or how small – so  I can see what I need to do, prioritize it, and mark it off when I’m done.  It goes along with some of the other things you hear people talk about – putting things out into the universe, mind mapping, and I know there’s another but my mind, again, is drawing a blank.  See, happens all the time, even while blogging.

I’ve also taken the note writing to another area.  I want to remember the little things that go on in our home with Aubrey and Luke.  I bought a cute little notebook from HomeGoods (which never disappoints in the stationery department!) and I take a few minutes here and there to jot the date, and one small thing I want to remember.  I should mention something else that changed – I get overwhelmed in anticipation of taking on a big project. Does that happen to you?

I never finished Luke’s pregnancy book.  He never even got a baby book.  Aubrey has a finished pregnancy book, and a 3/4 filled out baby book.  I’d get behind one month, and then a second, and a third, and I keep promising to jump back in, but  I do not.  Instead I just overthink how much work it’ll be and so it continues to sit on a shelf. This small book is something I can do because it’s a small task.

Any small task can be done quickly.  It can be done without thinking.  As time goes on, and more small tasks are completed, we can stop and realize what BIG thing we accomplished. Right now I feel that is how my life is best described.  I have a whole lot of ideas to accomplish between my new business venture with Carolyn {Social Elements Media} and making our current home more us.   I look around and see so much that needs to be done that I get overwhelmed.  Which makes me want to just not do things.  But what fun is that?

Diabolo | SodaSwap2015

So I’m working on a list.  Two kinds of lists. One is the goals I need to get done.  Right now we’re focused on our outsides – We just finished having all the old shrubs on the side of our house removed and we have already purchased the fruits & veggies to plant.  I know we can’t set up a ton of things to do in one weekend because life is unpredictable and I can’t get all stressed out because things didn’t get finished according to my timeline.

I also have unpacking left to do.  Garage stuff.  And blog some finished projects.  And life things.  I need to shift my focus on the bigger picture, and finding our balance to be happy, healthy, and productive.  I can’t believe I still have boxes in the garage.  But do you know why they’re still unpacked? Because it’s all my Bling Diva Designs business things. And I can’t decide what to do with all that.  But that’s a story for another day.

Diabolo | SodaSwap2015Do you notice the pattern? Anything you don’t want to face is what you bury and ignore.  But start small, and you’ll get to the bigger result you’re wanting to accomplish without actually realizing that’s what you’re doing.

Diabolo is a brand I first found out about after Luke was born.  Since then, they’ve remodeled their formula on their Refreshing line (aka their French Sodas) helping us that love that bubbly sort of beverage switch without actually realizing it to an all natural beverage sweetened with a combination of pure cane sugar and Stevia.  They added another flavor – Tangerine Pomegranate – which is so so good.  They still have their energy line of drinks that provides a boost without the crash. That was Jon’s favorite when we had our taste test before.

Swap One Thing free digital download


I created this printable {ps it’s free} to start making one small change to gradually build it up over time and realize the big accomplishment you’ve arrived at.  It was inspired by Diabolo’s  #SodaSwap2015 challenge.


We’re kicking off 2015 with a fun way to stay inspired with your New Year’s resolutions and a chance to win a $250 grocery shopping spree: Join us in making healthier, smarter choices all year long in our #sodaswap2015 campaign! Replacing your regular soda with the all natural, low calorie, low sugar option of DIABOLO is a step in the right direction. But why stop there? Share your story, photos and videos about how you’re creating a more #healthy #happy and #productive life by tagging @drinkdiabolo and #sodaswap2015 – we’ll share our most inspiring tips and the grand prize winner will receive $250 grocery shopping spree! Your instagram account must be public to be entered. This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by Instagram.

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If you share what you’re doing to make a more healthier, happier, productive life, and tag them on Instagram  (@DrinkDiabolo) and using #SodaSwap2015, you’ll be entered to win a $250 grocery shopping spree.  You can see all the information in the above photo caption.  I’ve really been digging their Instagram page as well with tips & also some great beverage cocktails (alcoholic & non alocoholic) to use with their line of beverages.

Diabolo | SodaSwap2015

Stop by one of your local retailers {Albertsons, Bristol Farms, Lucky, Save Mart, HEB, Circle K, Seafood City & More}, grab one of their French Sodas, and share what you’re Swapping out!




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    I had never heard of them either. I’ll try them out! And about getting overwhelmed with stuff instead of doing one little thing at the time, I totally agree with you! It’s better to go one thing at the time instead of trying to tackle the whole world in one go!

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