Survivor – season 21

Survivor, season 21 started last night.  I have wathced every season since the 2nd one. I had no idea about the show when it first aired. I was a senior in high school (i think?) but I did watch it every season in college, with some of the best last minute get togethers – including shots of Puckers (so klassy!) week after week.  I’ve continued to watch every season. Love it.

{ps. don’t read this if you haven’t watched the episode yet}

So last night the new one started – Old vs. Young.  One random thing is Jimmy Johnson, retired NFL coach and current commentator, is on there. It’s an interesting dynamic having the 2 groups split up – one 40 and over, the other 30 and younger.  I’m worried for the 30 and younger….some of them are clearely dumber than dirt. One guy, Fabio, was unpacking the container with fishing gear, and proceeded to step on a hook that HE PUT THERE. Oy.  And then I think he touched some bug, leach thing, and it started bitting him. LOL. It was pretty funny actually.  Physical Comedies are awesome

There’s an amputee on the show – it’s due to a birth defect and her leg from her thigh and below were amputated.  She seems really promising, overall, and I have high hopes for her. Unless the young ones are douches and get rid of her because they think she’ll win the “sympathy” vote in the end. Oy people! stop being so superficial!

The older team is quite a hoot. There’s all sorts of personalities.  One woman practiced at her house, leading up to the show, making fire with kindle and glasses.  But it paid off. She created fire within 30 minutes of starting it. Go her!!  Then there’s another girl who is a chatterbox.  It bit her in the ass in the end.  At tribal council it was pretty obvious that it was between Jimmy Johnson and Chatty Kathy (well, her name was actually Wendy).  When Jeff excused the first person to vote,  Chatty Kathy interrupted and said “um, Jeff, Can I say one more thing?”  And then proceed to have diahrea of the mouth and that’s what, in the end, got her the vote off.

Should make for a good season!

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