How We Rock The Potty { super undies review }


Not sure if you recall, but a year ago, just before Luke was born (and, well again after he was born) we tried Potty Training.  It was more like omg-don’t-pee-on-the-floor-where-are-your-undies-mama-needs-a-drink bootcamp.  As in, by the end of the 3 days we were so beyond exhausted I needed a cocktail. Except the first time I was still pregnant and that sucked.  I actually never blogged the end but we didn’t make it far.  We tried again during the next holiday weekend that offered up 3 days off and this time I was able to enjoy a cocktail and we still ended up back in diapers.  Everyone said “blah blah blah” which was me muffling their complaints that my kid was too young, it shouldn’t be this hard, yadda yadda yadda.  I’ll admit, when Aubrey DID start going potty on her own here at home, it was on her terms.  But am I going to let her walk around in regular undies. No. But will I let her wear something that looks like undies and still offers my carpets & tile some protection? Heck ya! Introducing, Super Undies!!!

SuperUndies - Pull Up Cloth Trainer Diapers

Super Undies sent me 2 to try out for our training.  I selected the Pull-On style (vs the snaps) in Purple Pixie and Cupcake Queen (pink).  Since we’re used to circulating a few types of “diapers” in our house (Preschool Underwear – Pull-Ups, Night Time Diapers, and regular diapers) adding another name to the mix didn’t confuse Aubrey.  I just told her one thing, do NOT poop in these!  Now, you totally can.  But, since we did cloth diapers for over a year with her, I know what is involved with cleaning poop diapers.  And well, let’s just say I had to flex my brain muscle last week when I was filling up the bathtub and found Aubrey hiding behind Luke’s crib.  Meh.

So back to potty training.  Aubrey’s in preschool till about 4 and we come home and she just goes when she goes.  We do remind her (as well as Daniel Tiger) to go before leaving the house, before bedtime, and my favorite Daniel Tiger diddy – When You Gotta Go Potty, STOP, and Go Right Away…for when she’s playing with toys.

SuperUndies - Pull Up Cloth Trainer Diapers

Luke, I know you’re totally jealous of her special undies. You’ll be there soon buddy.

SuperUndies - Pull Up Cloth Trainer Diapers

The pull-on Super Undies have a few layers of protection, plus the waterproof outer shell.  They also include an extra insert to use overnight.  We’re slowly introducing them into our bedtime routine since we’re almost out of her overnight nightime pull-ups.  And she’s notorious for dragging out the bedtime routine by saying she has to go about 3 times. She does pee every time, but it’s the smallest amount I’ve ever seen.

They wash up nicely in the washer and dry quickly in the dryer (as long as you remember to turn them inside out).  She’s able to pull them up and down without any help from us.  In fact, while we were all playing after dinner she disappeared and said I’m Going Potty!!! and she sure did. It seriously amazes me each time.

If you’re on the tail end of potty training, and want some extra protection for running errands, or overnight, don’t be afraid to ditch the disposables and try them out! And stay tuned for more potty training updates here on the blog, but also on Facebook!


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    Well aren’t these interesting. G is only using a pull-up for overnight and those things are costly. I’m gonna grab a few of these since she is this-close to ditching that overnight diaper.

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