Summertime Hostess Gift



Remember back when I posted about how tomatoes were growing like crazy and our top 5 tried and loved recipes we have used them for? Well, add this as #6. It’s not really a “recipe” but a thoughtful hostess gift to bring to your next barbecue.   We’ve had a steady stream of cherry tomatoes but our regular plant has only yielded one or two at a time.  The gorgeous sunshine has been working overtime and yesterday I pulled over a dozen ripe tomatoes along with our usual harvest of cherries and also trimmed our basil plant back.

I was heading to my mom’s house for dinner with some other family attending and I thought about making bruschetta.  But then I thought, what if I made little treats for them to make their own at home! and there you have it.  I used leftover pretzel rod bags from Luke’s birthday party to store the washed tomatoes, basil and some peeled garlic cloves.

Summertime Hostess Gift

I punched out some quick tags, tied them up with some curling ribbon, and called it a day.  I stored them in a lunch bag with an ice pack until I was able to gift it to my mom, my cousin, and my aunt.  So add this to your list and maybe bring a bottle of wine to the next family hosting you over for dinner!

Summertime Hostess Gift


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