Summer Wardrobe

Well, the time has come when the temps go up, and the need to wear summer clothing is here.  I quickly learned that while my past wardrobes (jeans, tanks, flip flops) worked fine while NOT pregnant – summer + pregnancy = a new wardrobe.  I decided to find some shorts. I hate shorts. But I know that I’ll be too hot and uncomfortable to be wearing jeans every day.  It’s not even 75 outside and I’m already wearing tanks and get hot around noon.  We have AC in our building, and normally I’d still be sporting a light-weight sweatshirt. Not this time!

So, with my 30% off coupon in tow from Kohl’s, I went shopping last week. I did some damage. But I always remembered Jon’s advice/demand – buy something timeless so I can use it for my next pregnancy. Ok boss! So here’s what I got:

The one pictured is not what I got. I bought a black and tan diagonal-striped dress. I bought it because with the neckline, it’s gotta work double duty for breast feeding. At least, I’m hoping it will.


I bought this purple striped top to wear with shorts.

(ps. why the hell doesn’t kohl’s carry the stuff in the stores online? i bought some way cute things and I can’t find any online!)

(in khaki. not that green color. blech)  They’re super comfy. Hit me at the right point in my leg where they’re not too long, and not too short.

(black).  These are also really comfy. I wore them on Saturday with that striped purple top. I am really a fan. Yay!

I wish Kohl’s had more of their stuff online. I bought this really cute faux wrap grape colored shirt. It’s cute. And I also bought some different tops to wear either with skinny jeans or the shorts. And a black cotton skirt. Well, more like jersey.

I think I’m done on the shopping front. With these items, and the past I’ve been gathering over the past few months, I should be good to go until the baby gets here! Fingers crossed!

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