Stripes – On Trend?

I’m not a big trendy person.  I wear what I like, and don’t shop often to catch the trends. I watch tv shows, but even those are filmed months in advance so it’s not the best method of seeing what’s popular.  I read blogs of trendy girls.  And that helps me find out some cute things that I’d buy if I had some extra cash.  But I am not sure why, I stumbled upon Gap’s site to laptop-shop.  {Ya know, like window shop..but from the comfort of my own home}.  Here’s some really cute things I found. Sigh.

Striped Elbow-Sleeve T

Striped Jersey Tank

Striped A-line Maxi Skirt

Striped Hat

So, trend? I’m assuming so. And hey, look, even my baby is on trend!

{Note – I did not purchase that dress. It was a gift from Jen.}


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