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ALDI grocery opening in Southern California

Grocery shopping for a family of 6 (the 5 of us and my mom) – the bill at the end of the trip can become quickly disturbing.  Since I make our kids’ lunches everyday, we also have to have an assortment of snacks and fruits to include in there.  Recently I started making a snack for me to take to work since pumping and breastfeeding really require some good quality calories and protein.  A lot of food comes into this house, and finding creative ways to stretch your buck can be exhausting at times.

ALDI is a brand-new-to-SoCal grocery store.  I shared a photo on Instagram a few weeks ago when I went on my first adventure there, and quickly learned how familiar of a store it is in other parts of the country and international as well.  When Jon went to Germany last year, he ran across a few as well.  He never ventured in to one, but I bet if he did, his cart would have started to look a lot like mine.

ALDI grocery opening in Southern California

These are amazing. Add them to your list

ALDI is not a large store by any means, but it is packed full of various items from fresh fruits & veggies, meats, cheeses, pantry items, beverages, a chocolate chips organic brand and seasonal items.  Ours had a small bbq for summer grill-outs in ALDI Finds!  One of the better sections involves one of the ALDI-exclusive brands – liveGfree ®- gluten free items included boxed mixes of cookies and cakes.

For the kids I’ve stocked up on SimplyNature® Squeezable Fruit Blends, , Southern Grove Vanilla Yogurt Covered Raisins, Savoritz Mini Peanut Butter Cracker Sandwiches (and ones with cheese!) and the total at the end shocks me each time. Their wine selection has familiar vineyards as well as some new ones to try out.  With our latest grocery trip, I purchased 5 bottles of wine, USDA Choice Meats,  some cereal, treats, and spent just over $100 ($109 and change to be exact!)

ALDI grocery opening in Southern California

There are 25 ALDI stores recently opened in Southern California.   One of them will be opening up across the street from my home in Valencia and I’m stoked!  Keep an eye out online for one opening up near you soon!

And you can view even more items that ALDI carries in this video!

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    I’m loving Aldi, so glad one opened like 5 mins away from home. I was sad when F&E closed, but Aldi is winning me over with the great prices and yummy food. Go far my faves have been the breakfast pizza, the organic salsas are good, as well as the chips. Just bought some chipotle salmon burgers that are delish! Aldi is a winner in my book!! 😁👍🏼

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