Homemade BBQ Sauce from Curtis Stone

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It’s not secret to you that we are a Netflix loving household.  I love that we can watch it on our computer (stationed in our room), our living room (via Apple TV or our new Firestick from Amazon) and anywhere on the go (via our iPad and Kindle Fire).  Our watch list is so long between Aubrey’s tv shows, our tv shows, and movies for all of us to enjoy.  When I was working on my freezer meals for Luke’s impending arrival, you bet your bottom dollar I was catching up on some shows in the kitchen.  I even brought a chair in there to be comfy in between cooking my lasagna noodles for the lasagna roll-ups.

And recently, they’ve launched separate profiles for a home to use to keep the shows separate.  Since we already have everything set up, I haven’t taken the time to split apart Jon’s, Aubrey’s and my shows.   But it’s a great feature if you have lots of family watching on separate devices.

Have you watched any of the shows created by Netflix?  We watched (and LOVED!) House of Cards.  Each episode I laughed as Francis Underwood would head out to get ribs so early in the morning.  But I knew (based on some other cooking shows) that a lot of work goes in to making delicious ribs.  And Curtis Stone (my dad’s FAVORITE chef!) created a recipe in honor of the show and I’m here to share it with you!  Freddy’s Sticky Saucy Ribs! I brought my dad on board to help with the recipe.  He took on the ribs & rub, I took on the sauce.  Have you ever attempted to make homemade bbq sauce?  A lot of time was spent on both, but as my dad said, he doesn’t mind devoting time on something that comes out great.  Great, honestly, is an understatement.  The ribs were amazing.  I ate as many as Jon.  Aubrey had her fair share.  We had a lot of napkins on hand because, as the name suggests, they WERE sticky!!!

Here is the beginning stages of the  homemade bbq sauce – chopped onion, garlic, oil & smoked paprika.  I started the sauce Friday night in prep for Saturday.  I would recommend simmering the sauce a lot longer than the 30 minute suggestion so it can thicken up.  I think in the end we simmered it about 2 hours. It cut the liquid amount about 40%.  We bottled it up and brought it to my dad’s to finish the recipe.

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The ribs.  The rub was applied Friday afternoon to sit and marinade until he put them on the grill around 2pm.  He loved how the recipe explained the best method for cooking them on the BBQ. Good job Curtis! My dad now wants to try other meats in this similar method.

Check out these additional cookbooks from Curtis Stone:

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After cooking 4 hours, he applied the BBQ sauce and brought them in side about 30 minutes later.  You know I immediately put this up on Instagram & Twitter.  It received a LOT of likes.

stream while you steam netflix

And you BETTER BELIEVE I completely geeked out when Curtis Stone retweeted my tweet!!!!!

stream while you steam netflix

I love his accent. Swoon! Back to the post.

The recipe is a definite keeper and I will definitely make more homemade bbq sauce to keep on hand.  It was amazing.  I still have some in my fridge and plan on grilling up some chicken and applying that right on top. Finger licking good.  And! I might even use it to make for gifts!

So for Thanksgiving, since Netflix can travel with us, we’ll have our iPad on hand to stream some of Aubrey’s shows in case she’s getting a bit fussy while we eat.  We can either use the relative’s wifi or can set up a hotspot with our phones. Awesome.  She loves to watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and we also have put on a few Christmas movies.  Disney is a big hit in this house and I love that they’re adding more movies to stream.

Thanksgiving is also the official start of our holiday celebration and Jon has loaded up our list with Christmas movies to watch on Sunday movie nights.  I need to add some for me too! We don’t always share the same taste in movies 🙂

What shows are you currently watching with Netflix? What should I add in to my queue? I love throwing this question out on Twitter or Instagram because I always learn about new ones! We were a bit late to the House of Cards bandwagon but now we are waiting with the rest of the world for the 2nd season.

Freddy’s Sticky Saucy Rib Recipe from Curtis Stone


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