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As our kids get older, I am excited for the many meals we can share with our friends. Time for the parents to hang out, catch up, and have a few laughs.  Time for the kids to giggle, share stories, make funny faces, and create their own bonds to withstand time.  And it will always be centered around good food! Aubrey and I were invited, along with some fellow bloggers, to try out their new summer menu.  Justin, son of Mary Harrigan – founder, was on site to share the story of how the new menu items came about.


My super adorable date


Keen Green Salad – quinoa, chopped spinach, sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, avocado, parmesan cheese, fresh pesto



Golden State Kale – chopped kale, red cabbage, cucumber, golden raisins, roasted chickpeas, avocado, lemon tahini dressing

Justin is a vegetarian.  While the family friendly environment is centered around meat, chicken & potatoes, they wanted to feel inclusive to all types of eaters.  He said they all tried new recipes and the ones you see on the menu now won the friendly competition. I’m so glad because they’re delish and I’d be sad to see them go.


Aubrey and I drove up with our friends Cara (Mommy Crunch) and her daughter, Charlie as the girls have known each other since crawling times through our church.  Obviously the friendship with Cara started with those nursery visits but has grown to so much more.  The girls were so well behaved that while we know they’re capable, it’s always a pleasant surprise & confirmation that they can be big girls and go to fun outings.  Both girls tried the items but their favorite was the mac ‘n cheese and chicken tenders on the menu.  Cara and I sampled some of the mac ‘n cheese and I think we were excited the girls didn’t eat the whole bowl.

My favorite dishes of the night was the Turkey salad sandwich.  It was so flavorful and I had to keep a certain set of tiny hands off my bread. That paired with a bottle of locally brewed Saint Archer ale, I was a happy camper.


Turkey Salad – chopped celery, green onion, dried cranberry, red leaf lettuce, whole grain bread – with side of Golden State Kale salad

Cara, as well as Carolyn, were huge fans of the Cauliflower Pita sandwich. I’m super bummed I forgot to sample! But I know Carolyn has an offer on her blog to meet someone for lunch. Since she’s local, I better snap up that opportunity!

Our dinner was a great chance to catch up with some old friends that I haven’t seen in awhile.  And while it’s a fun fact that all bloggers love babies, I’m glad to see they also love toddlers. Melissa had a great stash of colored pens that kept Aubrey preoccupied for a bit while I finished my meal.


And what is a meal without dessert? I’ve actually never had their desserts before. We usually order salad, breadsticks, tri-tip or their pizza. But now? I’m adding a slice of Blueberry Cheesecake because it was so delish.  I even caught this little one stealing the last few bites directly from my plate!


Thank you, Stonefire, for hosting Aubrey & I for your media tasting event.  Thanks for the opportunity to sample the new items that will soon become new favorites. Please don’t take them away when summer ends!

Oh! I forgot!  Ok real quick. So earlier that afternoon I took Luke to get his first haircut.  I posted this photo on Instagram on our way out.

My little dapper man. First hair cut!!

Ok so Justin was the one sharing all the info about our food during the night. At the end, he came back out with his brother, Kyle, who was in the kitchen working hard to supervise & prepare our meals.


IT’S TOTALLY LUKE! They even had the same shirt on (ok, slightly different, but go with me here!).  Isn’t that crazy??? I showed him Luke and said “You’re totally him in a few years!”  Thank you Jen for sharing the photo with me!


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    I have this place bookmarked on yelp! to try and after all your yummy pictures, Stonefire is now at the top of my must-try list!!! Thanks for sharing! YUM!

    🙂 Anna

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