Stitch Fix Maternity – Box Two!

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To recap, when I first saw that Stitch Fix was coming out with a Maternity Box version – I was SUPER excited.  (They’ve been around for more than 5 years curating boxes of clothing out across the US) I saw it unfold on Instagram and wished this was around when I was pregnant before. And Then… I found out I was pregnant again. I knew I had to sign up! I received my first box in April and loved all the items and loved that everything fit. SO important.  I scheduled my second fix to arrive about a month before I speak at a blog conference in San Diego (ConnectHer. So excited!). I did send my stylist the link to my last review so she could see more in depth of what I thought, as well as how things fit.  I also included the note that I really wanted to find a great shorter dress (not strapless) that I could dress up for the conference.  I’ve mentioned several time I am a t-shirt and jeans gal. So any frilly dress would not be my style.

Stich Fix Maternity  - Box 2

With the styling card, it included use of the top I kept from my last box.  It also included 2 dresses.  In other reviews of boxes I’ve seen online, typically this does not occur. It usually has a pant, 2 tops, dress, and some sort of accessory.  So I was happy to see she included 2 dresses, at different price points, for me to see about for the conference.

Let’s dive in!

I loved the two dresses.  Navy and Fucshia are actually my favorite colors.  I never realized how well they seem to flatter my complexion.  The navy was great with the texture and cut.  I liked the way the front was instead of it being an overall ruched look.

Stitch Fix Maternity - Navy dress

The length was great and because of how the gathering is at the front – I wouldn’t have to worry about the dress being too short as I got bigger.  The one downside was the price.  It is $98.  If this was the only dress in the box, I might have actually kept it.  The price though, really couldn’t get over that for a maternity dress. I’m sure I could have resold it to recoup some money.  I felt like it had a tad of a retro vibe and how great would this look with some gold jewelry and a big chunky statement necklace?

Stitch Fix Maternity - Fuchsia dress

This dress.  Ah! Love so much.  I love the neckline and feel it can easily be dressed up or down.  It’s a great soft jersey material and was $48.  I feel this is a great price for a maternity dress. I bought one when I was pregnant with Aubrey from Motherhood for about $40 that was for a wedding (I do still have it, but it’s black and some dark purple squares – not really summery).  I kept this one!

Stitch Fix Maternity - statement necklace

I tried getting a great photo of this chunky necklace but didn’t do so well focusing. I realized much later that I had changed the settings on my camera and forgot to revert back. Whoops!  The necklace had some decent weight but I felt the color was a bit too dull for me.  I wished the coloring was more vibrant for summer.  This retailed for $34.  I don’t wear necklaces often so this would be a huge splurge for little use.  It went back.

Stitch Fix Maternity - empire waist stripe top

This top was just ok.  I felt the style was a little too maternity for me. I know, that sounds redic.  But I don’t like the tops that are super flowy. Now, if this was a dress we could be talking.  It was a knit material and a bit heavy for a SoCal Summer.  It was $48 – probably average for a more business casual top.   It went back.

So, there was another item in the box – a pair of Mavi maternity jeans in black.  They did NOT fit and I actually couldn’t pull them up past my hips.  It was an XS but I’m not sure how their sizing is normally.  The thighs looked like a great skinny size, but not being able to pull the waistband up was a bit of a disappointment.  Even if they did fit, I wouldn’t have kept them. It’s too hot for pants!!!!

So, Stitch Fix is pretty awesome and I don’t think I have a need to order another box before this baby is born.  But it keeps track of all my information and I can easily revert it to their traditional Fix of non-maternity items.  Hearing stories from others, however, might not have as great of luck as I have been with the maternity line.  So if you’re pregnant, or not pregnant, you can always sign up for Stitch Fix, fill out their questions, and order your first box.

There’s a $20 stylist fee, but is credited back to your order if you purchase something.  If you keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your whole total.  I think it’s something really worth trying at least once!


  1. says

    You look great in both of those dresses! I agree with you on that top; it looks cute, but definitely looks like a maternity top.
    Love these stitch-fix box posts (you and Carolyn’s both); I just may have to sign up!

  2. says

    Great review! I go back and forth on Stitch Fix. I have gotten some really great pieces from there that I wear all the time. A lot that they send is too pricey for me, or just not what I was looking for. I wish I could keep the same stylist each time! Some nail it, and some miss the mark. Such a fun service anyway, though! You’re right, it definitely does help to specify what you are hoping to receive in the Notes section.

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