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stitch fix maternity

Oh pregnancy.  It’s such a fun time.  Your hormones are running crazy, food is an enemy, and any trick to stop nausea becomes an obsession.  With each of my pregnancies, I had a difficult time shopping.  There’s not many places to shop around here for maternity clothes – and I don’t like to travel outside our valley. I kind of hate freeways.

Most times, when not pregnant, I’m a t-shirt/tank girl with jeans.  I dress casual for work, and play, and I do have a few things I can put on to dress up if I am going out.  But when you’re pregnant, finding clothes becomes a challenge. With 2 kids already, I have honed in on what I like.  But, again, shopping.

About 2 months ago, while on Instagram, I saw a flurry of photos and discussion for the launch of Stitch Fix Maternity.  At this point, I wasn’t pregnant (or I was and just didn’t know it) but thought how amazing!  I’ve been curious about the regular Stitch Fix Boxes (It’s been a huge trend among the blogging world – but not one that I ever signed up for) and with this, I figured, WHY NOT.  It’s $20 to have a box shipped to you.  That $20 becomes a credit towards anything in your box that you buy.  If you buy all 5 pieces, you get 25% off.  So, I figure, for $20, why not.

As soon as I had my first doctor’s appointment, I signed up.  There’s a lot of questions to answer, and from all the info I’ve read through other bloggers – the more detail you provide – the better.  I referenced that I mainly wear skinny jeans, dress casual for work, and would like, if possible, to have some pieces sent that could carry over into nursing.  I put that this is my 3rd pregnancy and I’ll be showing quicker, and I only like full panel items.

My box arrived yesterday and I am kind of in love.  Here’s a breakdown of what’s inside.

stitch fix maternity style chart

Each box includes a few options to dress the pieces with.  In looking this over, I have some pieces that could work with what I had.  Shoes are always a challenge since I only really wear flats or flip flops, but I liked that it included a few of those (I had mentioned this also to the stylist.  See! Pays to be really descriptive!)

stitch fix maternity price sheet

Here is the description of all the pieces, and the prices.  You can also note how much you spend on items and I know, in general, maternity items cost more than regular things.  I think everything was on-point with pricing.  The dress though, was probably about $20 too much based on design & quality.

Stitch Fix Outfit #1

Stitch Fix Maternity Rune Kiley Maternity Ankle Zip Legging

Navy Rune – Kiley Maternity Ankle Zip Legging $58

When I pulled out these navy leggings with gold zipper detail, I was kind of shocked.  I would never buy navy but I like that it’s not denim.  It’s a neutral and here I paired it with a fun top I had received from Byer CA.  It’s loose in the stomach so it will be able to handle my bump for a little while.  When I first went to put them on, it appeared that these were NOT a panel legging.  But, as I pulled them on, I realized it was.  The way it’s sewn has it appear more like a regular legging.  It’s a bit roomy there for now (the top elastic is loose) but I REALLY like them.  I’ll be pregnant through November and will then have the post-baby-pooch through winter.  I’m pretty sure these are staying with me 🙂

Stitch Fix Outfit #2

Stitch Fix Maternity Loveappella Maternity Merced Open Back Maternity Top


Loveappella Maternity Merced Open Back Maternity Top – $34

I love the color of this shirt, but I know I won’t be keeping.  Why?  Because the material is a bit sheer and the front isn’t as flattering as the back.  I really like the detail but overall I think it needed a different material.  And maybe more of a scoop neck (it’s a higher crew neckline)

Stitch Fix Outfit #3

Stitch Fix Maternity LA Made Maternity Albany Ruffle Detail Cross-Front Maternity Knit Top

LA Made Maternity Albany Ruffle Detail Cross-Front Maternity Knit Top – $48

I LOVE THIS TOP!!!  I had a cross-front shirt while pregnant with Aubrey and I loved how flattering it was.  This is a bit longer so I know that when my belly is huge, it’ll still cover it all.  When I was putting it on, I also noticed that the design would allow for nursing and the top neckline would cover the straps of a nursing bra too. It’s a charcoal gray, almost purple, and it’ll go really well for some of the wedding festivities I will be enjoying next month for my bff.

Stitch Fix Outfit #4

Stitch Fix Maternity Gilli Gabbiey Sleeveless Maxi Dress

Gilli Gabbiey Sleeveless Maxi Dress – $74

This navy maxi dress is very flattering.  The top fit me perfectly and the material is very light and soft.  Summers here are BRUTAL in SoCal.  I’m not 100% sure I love this to keep for the price tag. Going to see what Jon thinks as well.

The last item(s) were a 3 pack of maternity camis.  They’re not cotton, but are spaghetti straps.  They’re $44 for a 3 pack, which averages out to under $15 per tank – normal for maternity.  They’re great for layering and came in white, nude & black.  I might be keeping them, but I might not. We’ll see.

Overall, I was VERY impressed with my box. The fact that everything fit well is HUGE!

If you’re curious, you can sign up with this referral link.  (You can sign up for regular boxes, petite, & maternity) When your  first box ships – I get a $25 credit.  You will then have your own referral link to share with friends & family to earn your own $25 referral.

I didn’t elect to get a box each month – instead I signed up for whenever  I want them.  I figured I will try every 2 months and see how things come out.  I have a blogging conference in July that I’m speaking at and want to get a really cute dress.  So, leave a comment – what’s your favorite look? What are your thoughts on having a personal stylist?


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    Cute clothes. I love the leggings… and I love the color and back of the blue shirt, too bad the front didn’t looks as good. Glad you had a good experience. I’m sending some of my things back, but I’m excited for my next box.

  2. says

    You look so cute! And I am in lust with those leggings. I want to join when we get pregnant and now I will cause of your experience. Curious what outfits are like further in pregnancy.

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