Starting 2015 Strong #SoFabU



It’s no secret I’ve been blogging for awhile.  If you’re a regular reader, you know that you see sponsored content on here from time to time.  I do it because I enjoy working with brands, and I pride myself on continuing to share stories about my family in relevant ways that tie in with a specific brand.  There’s one network I’ve worked with many times over the past year – Social Fabric – because they really encourage that narrative style writing.  The past few years, they’ve been having conferences in their founding state – Arkansas – but I’ve not attended.  Well, the one in 2014 was the only year I would have known about but at that point I’ve only worked them once on a campaign.  Now, as December wraps up, I’ve worked with them on over a dozen campaigns.  Each time I fell in love with the way the company operates and the network and support that lies within the SoFab group online.  SO, when they announced this tour across the US with the first stop in LA – I signed up faster than you could say SoFabU On The Road.

I’ll be attending with 49 other bloggers on January 30th at a super fun place – Speedzone – in the City of Industry.  Every time I attend a conference, I receive such an immense amount of excitement and ideas to put back into my blog.  There’s an instant “contact high” if you will when you’re in a room with other bloggers.

So, if you’re a blogger in SoCal, and you’re not a member of Collective Bias, you could and should attend.  Collective Bias is the only shopper based that weaves the stories of us bloggers in with the brands most of us use already on a regular  basis.  Through my blog, you’ve seen me chat about Pedigree, Crayola & Juicy Juice, Disney, and Coca-Cola.  Come meet with us and get your learn on!

And because SoFabU is amazing and works with the best brands, we are getting a treat from the lunch host- Johnny Rockets!   If you sign up, send me a tweet and let me know! @melissa_dell!   See you on the road!


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