Sprinkle Blue Pixie Dust on Family Movie Night

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Sprinkle Blue Pixie Dust on Family Movie Night

Movies have always been a big deal in the Dell house.  Not just this house, but Jon’s parents’ house.  When we started dating, Sundays were reserved for a good dinner together and a movie afterwards.  Back then, instant video downloads were not a “thing” and we relied on DVD movies from the local video store.  Jon would reminisce how Friday nights used to be the  family movie night and when we had kids, he wanted to start that tradition as well.

Here we are, almost 9 years later, with two littles of our own.  While Jon and I still have our Sunday night movies for us adults, we do try to add in some kid movies for Aubrey other nights of the week.  We’ve upgraded from DVDs to Blu-Ray disks and our working on the library for Aubrey.  Most of the movies are by Disney because, let’s face it, they create movies I enjoy as well.  Kids are notorious for getting stuck on a movie and watching them over and over and over again. Might as well be one I enjoy too!

Sprinkle Blue Pixie Dust on Family Movie Night

On April 1st, after preschool, Aubrey and I headed to do some shopping at Walmart.  I told her in the morning she would get a special treat with me, before picking up Baby Luke.  I’ve never seen her get in the car so fast after pick up.  She didn’t want to go in the cart, so I told her she had to listen, be a good girl, and hold my hand.  As soon as we found The Pirate Fairy display by the registers, she spotted one of the balloons and then saw all the fairies on the side.  She proudly carried her special Blu-Ray combo pack that included a special DVD of The Pixie Hollow Bake Off that is exclusive to Walmart.  $25 bucks well spent for a copy of The Pirate Fairy on DVD, Blu-Ray AND Digital Copy.

Sprinkle Blue Pixie Dust on Family Movie Night

Why does she look like a preteen in this photo?

While I made dinner, she watched the Pixie Hollow Bake Off featuring the Gelata (voice of Giada de Laurentiis) and after bath time, we created our magic Blue Pixie Dust Popcorn for the main event! Jon only loves homemade popcorn so we saved some Sunday for Aubrey to have for our movie night.  She LOVES shaking the bag. And was pretty proud of her blue popcorn.  Side note – it does leave a bit of blue residue on fingers and in their mouths. Oopsy!

Sprinkle Blue Pixie Dust on Family Movie Night

Since we have another Tinkerbell movie and a book, we were familiar with most of the characters. I think my favorite thing about the entire movie was seeing all the sparkly fairy dust that surrounded the story.  Check out The Pirate Fairy trailer, then  grab the special 2 pack from Walmart, some popcorn, and enjoy a family movie night! Check out below for how we made our magic Blue Pixie Dust Popcorn!

Sprinkle Blue Pixie Dust on Family Movie Night


popcorn (quart size bag full)

1 tbsp powder sugar

blue food dye

plastic spoon

Combine powder sugar with 1 drop of food dye and mix well.  Add 1 tsp of blue sugar to quart size bag of popcorn.  Shake until all coated.  Enjoy!

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    We do Friday movie nights in our house too. It’s getting harder to choose movies as the kids get older, but we are holding on to their childhood for dear life.

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    I love that you used the bonus disc to entertain her while you made dinner and got ready for the feature presentation. She is too cute shaking her popcorn bag! It’s so nice to have a snack they can help with. #client

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