Tonight I returned to something that I took a bit of a hiatus from.  Bible study.  I went to my first one after my mother-in-law invited me, just a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant with Aubrey.  So that was January 2011.  so today, wow. Four years later.  I remembered that first night – not knowing what to expect – not knowing many women there.  But everyone I met was nice, and encouraging and respectful.  They respected my shyness (which, I know, shocking to even think about) and were just so warm & nice to me.

Today I sat next to a woman who was attending her first bible study for the first time.  She said she was excited & nervous.  So true – that’s what I felt.  It was so great to see the women I learned with in my past studies.  As well as to see so many new ones.  One of the women whom I shared a table with before, is now leading her own table.  I love to see everyone grow.  Our speaker tonight spoke about the word Spread.  She said how it describes so much – the spread of food we eat.  The spread wings of a child leaving the nest. Spread too thin.  And spreading the gospel.

I’m excited to dive into a new book.  I’ve not been in bible study since just before Luke was born.  I tried to do an online one, tried to be disciplined.  I was great at first, but since I wasn’t meeting up with anyone, it was easy to slip.  She asked us if we were salmon swimming up stream – or were we slipping back with the current.  I’m definitely in the slipping back with the current.

But, with anything, it’s not an excuse to stop or give up.  It’s a reason to be purposeful with your time, your commitments, and keeping your eyes ahead on what matters.

If you have wondered what bible study is like – it’s reading the bible, but also sharing what you read with other women around you.  Women that might be in the same stage as you, or ahead of you, or just starting out.  It’s fellowship, diving deep and being real.  It’s a connection to another.  But always focused on what we read.  Always.


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