Special Treat Saturday {donuts}

As an adult, some things become routine and often lose the excitement that we had as kids.  I’ve always loved donuts, and there’s a photo from when I was small of my uncle with a truck full of kids (my cousins, me, probably my sister and some other friends from the campsite) making a quick trip to grab a fresh box of donuts while on a camping trip.  We were all in the bed of the truck, cuz hey, that’s what you did in the 80s 🙂

I remember on a trip to Vegas visiting the Krispy Kreme shop that (I think) was in the middle of a casino so you could see around all sides.  I was amazed at the intense configuration of the conveyor belts and how the donuts would take a journey through the glazing. And I remember thinking I wanna swim in that.

So Saturday morning I packed Aubrey up and we went on a special little trip, for a special little treat.  She’s had donut holes before, but our church has them outside on a table so she doesn’t really know where they come from.
special treat saturday donuts - melissadell 1

Her 3 favorite things – bottle of milk, Violet, and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (that has been a recent addition to her favorite things)

special treat saturday donuts - melissadell 2

Since it was early, I figured a shadow shot would be much better than a photo of us, I mean, me. Hey it’s my blog, I do what I want 😉

special treat saturday donuts - melissadell 3

The tray was just being pulled out to grab that sprinkle donut you see right there.  That was for Aubrey!

special treat saturday donuts - melissadell 4

There were a lot of oooooh wow!!! coming from her.  And that sprinkle one above her head – IT WAS HUGE! We did not bring that home.

special treat saturday donuts - melissadell 5

Sprinkle donuts. Part of a well balanced meal (when you add in pears and strawberries).

Aubrey had fun, but I really want to take her to Krispy Kreme! Do they do tours at local ones??? She’d love it!

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