Social Media – Being Honest with Why I’m On It { vlog }

I’m still plugging away at my Powersheets by Lara Casey.  I’m still going through the prepwork. This week I shared them with Jon. I feel that is vital as 1) it helps me to stay accountable to him. 2) I want him to know what I’m discovering as I go. 3) I want him to know what my brain is thinking.


So today’s video recap is about social media.  I posted on Instagram this:

Took a note from @laraacasey and cleared up my iPhone. I moved everything that keeps me “busy” to be second page. Baby steps to try and be more intentional. Thanks for chatting with us all today Lara!! And @onlylaila1920 setup a FB group for us that wanted to keep connected!

So it has helped. And here’s the video. Thanks for watching!


So – Leave a comment with what you feel you spend/waste a lot of time on.  And (don’t need to write this, just think about) why do you think you do it?


  1. Marissa T says

    Love this idea!! I need to move stuff to the second screen…..I have a few apps that I use as an escape and they end up being a time suck!!

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