So that’s a no on football?

I know the commenters I have are few and far between. and mainly my friends {hi friends!} but I do get some random folks stopping by from time to time {hello!}  But I guess the whole football topic of conversation Friday didn’t really appeal to many? Ok.

What about the Emmys? Did you watch that? I normally don’t. But we went to my dad & step-mom’s for dinner and she is a huge fan. Mainly because she’s got a small bit on Mad Men right now and so she wants them to do well so hopefully she’ll be around next season. But not sure.  Anyways, I don’t know why I don’t watch it ~ I mean with all the tv I consume.  Mainly it’s all reality shows and there’s only 1 award for that. But I do watch my fair share of comedies but mainly dramas. 

I loved the opening number. Perhaps it’s cuz I’m a closet Gleek. And I love Vampire Diaries so laughed when I saw Elena {Nina Dobrev}. Someone on twitter asked if I thought she looked too skinny. I know she’s a thin girl,  but I think we’re so used to her wearing dark clothing with tshirts and jeans and not so much dressy outfits.  And my dad pointed out one of the guys from Lost was in the performance.

Then there was the trainwreck aka Kate Gosselin. Seriously woman, stop adding in the extensions and just go on  with raising your kids! Stop being an AW! {shout out to my girls knowing that acronym. ha ha}

I didn’t watch a lot of it. I watched the drama part. I loved Jimmy Fallon’s bits on the ending of Lost, Law & Order, and 24. He did a great job impersonating Elton John, Billy from Green Day and one of the guys from Boys II Men. Even with the dumping of the 40 – although that was NOT in a Boys II Men song. I think it was Snoop? Maybe? Someone else.

Hmm what else. I loved Jane Lynch’s speech. She was so surprised & flustered that I loved it. I loved that all the Glee cast sat together. I can’t wait for the new season!  I didn’t like Kim Kardashian’s bit with JimmyFallon, but I did love the one he did with Amy Poehler.

OH. and what was up with Mariska Hargitay’s outfit? She looked like a bride. Beautiful dress for a wedding! Not so much the Emmy’s.  But she’s beautiful so I give her a pass.

What did you think of the Emmys? Perhaps next year I’ll watch them more.  Best Dressed? Worst? I loved Jane Lynch’s dress!

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