So Excited!

This past week, I purchased a new iMac to help have a bigger workspace for the designs I do with Bling Diva Designs, but also to get a desktop. I love my laptop, but I do miss the advantage of a desktop. I think the last time I had one was …. never actually. We did have a “family” desktop but all during college and after – I was a laptop kinda gal.

The newest addition has a 24″ screen and is amazing. I’m still getting used to how BIG the screen is and sometimes I find myself sitting a few feet back. Ok just kidding πŸ˜‰

It’s brought up some interesting new things though, like how I’m supposed to print. My printer isn’t old (bought it during wedding planning in 2008) but apparently it doesn’t have wireless capabilities. I saw something about bluetooth functions but that apparently isn’t an option to change those settings. Why, I don’t know πŸ™ So, for now, I’ll be stuck having to email everything to my laptop or just print from there. I mainly use it for postage for packages so that’s no biggie to do from the laptop.

One very fun thing that I had been waiting on forever was a desktop in which I could download a monthly desktop calendar from Smashing Magazine. So if you’ve not seen their site before, definitely check it out! I downloaded Purple Fall and it’s pretty cool! Now, to find a mousepad. A white one. I’m using the mouse on a notepad and it’s just not the same. lol


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