Smiling Down

In January, I wrote about trying to find the answer about whether I should bring Aubrey to visit my grandma. After her hospital visit, my grandma became stable enough to be moved and cared for in her own home. My mom was there practically every day and would watch Aubrey there. It was a special time as they (my grandma and Aubrey) got to spend some special moments together. Even though I was at work, when I’d come back my grandma would tell me if Aubrey was a good girl (always) and if tell her how Aubrey had been growing and changing – new milestones. She would always say how strong Aubrey was and how she’s not fat (even with her chunky legs.)

Recently it came time to move my grandma into a care facility. And in the past few days her health was starting to decline. Aubrey and I were able to get some time to spend with her and the rest of the family. She was surrounded by loved ones last night as she passed. And now all of us have another guardian angel smiling down on us. Love you Grandma!

Last night – Aubrey saying hello and providing comfort

Grandma and Aubrey – 1 day new


Mother’s day 2011 (my sister, Grandma, and me)


Grandma’s surprise 89th birthday last year


Christmas 2011


Christmas 2010


Grandma & Aubrey’s play dates and coordinating outfits


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    Lovely post, it’s so wonderful that she was able to spend so much time with Aubrey, I’m sure it made her days that much brighter.

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