Skinny Jeans {Maternity Edition}

Before I was pregnant with Aubrey, I mainly wore bootcut jeans.  I did have a pair of JBrand skinny jeans I found for a BARGAIN at TJ Maxx but I didn’t always have the right boots to wear with them.  But, right before I got pregnant with Aubrey, I started loving the skinny jeans and integrated them more into my daily wardrobe.  But, then I got pregnant, and weight gain happened, and obviously those were temporarily retired.

I did find a pair of Old Navy skinnies (no longer sold) and they worked well, until I started getting a belly. The panel was a half panel, made of cotton, with the thickest elastic band at the top. It would cut my stomach right in half and super uncomfortable.  Those also got retired.

Eventually, after Aubrey, and after lots of breastfeeding and weightloss, I was able to fit back into my favorite pair of JBrand jeans.  In fact, most of my old pants (the bootcut) didn’t even fit anymore and I was wearing this pair and a William Rast skinny jeans every day. I have lots of tall boots to wear, and I also love wearing them with flats. So when that 2nd little line showed up, I knew I needed to be deligent and find a pair (or 2!) of skinny maternity jeans.


In our town, there is one maternity store – Motherhood. Honestly, it sucks. It’s the most depressing type of clothing I have seen. But, I went, nonetheless to try out some of their jeans. I figured they should have a few pairs of skinny jeans.  Um, not really. I know that I”m on the thin side, but looking at all the cuts of pants, the thighs on all the jeans in their smallest size were huge. I’m all about proportions. You would think that a smaller size jean would result in a smaller proportion of waist/butt/thighs than a larger one. But I swear they were cut the same. The waist was the only difference.

Indigo Rein Secret Panel Slim Fit Skinny Jeans –  They retail for $39 and at the time of purchase they were BOGO 50% off.


These felt more like a straight leg to me.  (these were the petite length. I’ve got a short inseam).  The jeans around the hips fit well, and butt, but once you went down, it just got looser and baggier.  I know that any denim that has some stretch will only get looser with individual wears. I figured, though, for $39, they could be OK if I could find nothing else.


A week later, I went shopping at another mall that had Pea in the Pod, Gap Maternity, and also Macy’s Maternity.  Pea in the Pod I fell IN LOVE with the JBrand skinny jeans. Except that they were $189. They had a red price (different than the original price on the tag) and on the clearance rack that boasted 50% off. But, at the register, the girl told me they were $189. I refused to argue, and left.

Next we (MJ was with me to help shop) went to Macy’s. I had no idea they had a maternity section (the one at our mall does not. Surprise, surprise), and there was a brand rep from Pea In the Pod and was extremely helpful pulling all the skinny jeans she could find. She said there’s one pair, that everyone raves about, but it’s a little on the pricey side. I told her for the right jeans, I might be willing to splurge.  Plus I had a $50 gift card from Christmas that would help lessen the hit to the wallet.

SOLD Design Lab Secret Fit Belly 5 Pocket Slim  Leg Maternity Jeans – $129


These are a great, light weight denim that has a feeling more like leggings, but still falls under the denim category.  They remind me a lot of why I love my JBrand jeans.  They fit me really well in the thighs & butt even after multiple wears.  I had them tailored to a shorter inseam (I think they cut off around 6″ of fabric) but I still have them slightly longer to wear with flats when it warms up (and also for a tiny cuff if I’m feeling fancy).  The rep said that she could honor a Macy’s coupon so I got 15% off, plus the $50 gift card resulted in an overall total of around $70.  Well worth it for a good pair of skinny jeans. They are a very dark wash.  Read my tip at the bottom how to keep them darker, longer (perhaps forever??)


Last stop at the mall was Gap Maternity.  Their denim wall was a wreck and it took me forever to find my size.  Partially due to the lack of organization with all the jeans being mixed up together (despite carefully place signs describing each style).  Also, I’m sort and I could barely reach the top shelf. But I found these babies, tucked away, just perfect for me.


Gap 1969 Nude Full Panel Always Skinny Jeans – medium
 – $69.95



Oh man. I love these. So much I might invest in a pair once I’m back to my normal size after this baby.  This is more of what I consider a jean. The material is thicker, still has great stretch, and is a lighter color, more acceptable for anytime occasions.  I also hemmed these, but did a slightly longer inseam for more options with flats.  I don’t know how, but these rang up at 50% off. Even though they look like the same wash color as the one on the site.  But with my splurge on the other pair, I welcomed the discount. They were $35 and I also had a gift card so they were free to me 🙂


I ended up returning the jeans i bought from Motherhood because I didn’t love them. I love the other pairs, so I knew this would sit in the closet collecting dust.  When you’re pushing the end of your pregnancy, you want to make sure you feel good and look good, and frumpy jeans sagging in sad spots will not help your cause AT ALL.


Oh and my tip on dark denim. I learned this while working a few years in retail.  Someone shared with me, and dangnabit it works!  Whenever you purchase new dark denims, black shirts, anything dark that might fade over frequent washes, run it through the washer with adding about a 1/2-1 cup of vinegar (where the detergent goes).  Do a regular wash on cold, then after a regular wash cycle with soap.  After that, you’ll be set. There might be some rubbing off, but no where near the amount you’d have over a long period of time.  I still have my black CSUN sweatshirt that looks brand new with this trick!


Also, when in doubt, always buy full panel maternity jeans. The under belly ones could work ok. But don’t do half panel. You won’t get much use out of them once you start showing significantly!


**in case anyone was wondering, I paid for all these jeans. No one asked me to write about them. But I feel it’s my duty to other preggers around the country to write about some skinny jeans. You’re welcome**

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  1. Candice says

    Ah! The perfect maternity jean. I can tall just from the photo that the GAP jeans for and look the best. LOok more like a traditional jean. Motherhood. Meh!

  2. Marissa says

    Thank you for this post!!! I am just hitting that point where I can still button my jeans but since most are low waist, it puts pressure right on my uterus and I start feeling really sick…so the rubber band trick is buying me a few more weeks. I will definitely check out Macys!!

    Also, the wording kinda confused me on the vinegar part. So is it wash one load on cold with the vinegar followed by another wash with soap????

    Thanks again for the post!!

  3. says

    Oh I wish this post had been written a few months ago. I had the worst time trying to find good maternity skinny jeans. I got some from Motherhood, but I’m not in love. I think my biggest problem was none of the stores around me (Gap, H&M, Old Navy etc) seem to carry maternity clothes. I had to drive a good 45 minutes to find any that do. Annoying.

    Of course with only a few weeks left there’s no way I can justify going shopping for maternity clothes of any kind. But if/when there’s a next kiddo I’ll know where to start looking. I never thought to look at Macy’s.

    • says

      Sorry! Ya that was me last pregnancy. I actually have a bag of 4 pairs of jeans I bought and don’t like. Glad they were too big this time around – great shopping excuse 😉

  4. says

    Glad you found jeans you like! I personally only like the under the belly fit for fitted pants. I always felt like I was suffocating in over the belly jeans (but then again I can only remember the last few weeks of pure pregnancy uncomfortableness).

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