Simple Homemade Baby Food

homemade baby food -  using our blendtec

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homemade baby food -  using our blendtec

Our third baby.  My how things have changed and how much we had to work to simplify our routines, baby gear, and more.  We got rid of so many items (that we loved!) after we moved since we were done having kids that we really had to evaluate if we wanted to go back to that or try other methods.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been one to just provide our baby with table scraps from our meals to teach them how to eat (also known as Baby Led Weaning).  We tried once for Luke and I was absolutely terrified.  Since we have kids all over the place now – I needed to keep my own sanity and stick to what we knew – purees.

We just jumped in to Ryan trying new foods. At Sam’s Club, we went down the aisle and we grabbed a case of the Gerber First Foods Classics.  It helped us maneuver through any potential food allergies (and yay – none for Ryan!) but eventually it became pretty painful to buy the case every week and a half. My little guy was HUNGRY.

One thing missing from the Classics variety pack was protein.  At Target I grabbed some of the baby foods that contained chicken or turkey.  But, one day, as I was scrolling through Instagram, a friend had snapped a photo of chicken soup she made in her Crock-Pot.  Her daughter is 2, and she said that it created the perfect softness for everything and this one-step meal prep lasted her daughter all week.

I loved it, and I went out to the store to do it for Ryan.

homemade baby food -  using our blendtec

our Digital Crock-Pot loaded up

Because I’m all about simplicity, I purchased everything pre-washed and pre-chopped.  Inside was butternut squash, green beans, rainbow carrots, sweet potato and chicken breasts.  I added about 1/2 cup of chicken broth (and kept the container handy along with water to help obtain the right consistency for the next steps).

I slow-cooked everything for about 2 hours on high.  I checked periodically to ensure that everything was tender and the chicken was cooked through.  Your cooking time could vary.

Once everything was done, I went on to the next step – and remember, all about simplicity!

homemade baby food -  using our blendtec

I dumped EVERYTHING in our Blendtec Total Blender! My mom has had one for a few years and the kids already love our “super juice” we make for them.  It seemed only natural to use it to help whip up Ryan’s baby food.

I used the Soup button to have everything blend well and added water as needed to ensure the right texture & consistency.  When all done, I poured into different containers to store.  PS. this made WAY TOO MUCH.

homemade baby food -  using our blendtec

I loved experimenting and creating different blends.  One night I took all of our dinner and just blended it up (it was turkey, rice, and a veggie).  He loved eating it all and I even made homemade applesauce to mix in with his oatmeal.

homemade baby food -  using our blendtec

I washed all the apples, cored them, and cut in half.  I’ve had this oxo steam basket for years!  I used sweeter apples (what we had on hand) and my! How sweet they were!

Investing in something like the Blendtec is something that can affect your family budget.  But, if you have enough purpose & use for it in your every day life, it’ll pay for itself in no time.

Things to make with the Blendtec (or, another like the Vitamix or Ninja blender):

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