Stuck in 2015

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The other day, the big kids opened up our media cabinet and started pulling out the photo books I used to be super awesome in getting done annually.  Every year, around Thanksgiving, there would be promos and discount codes to print through Shutterfly  and keep one for us and give out to our family.

As the kids started going through them, I realized the last one I did was winter of 2015 when Ryan was born. Mom Guilt immediately commenced since it’s been almost 18 months since we’ve done any new albums.

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This is sort of what I felt like when they were wondering where the new photos were. Just buried my head and pretended to sleep 🙂

Technology has transformed from the early days of 2011 when I started doing them to document my pregnancy & birth of Aubrey.  Before I could only use a computer and that meant finding time to sit down long enough to pull photos from all my folders on the computer and upload them.  I also had to sort them in order.

The Shutterfly app is a gamechanger and a fantastic way to get the images such as this one off your phone and into a book.

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My kids are complete goofballs a lot of the time and my phone has tons of silly photos like this.  What better way to get them off and into a book for them to flip through and laugh about than with their own free album thanks to Shutterfly for new customers!

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You can do themed books, thank you note stationery, and even home decor.  The other day a few of us were chatting on Facebook about all the things you can customized with your photos.  So my suggestion?  Download the app, create your items and save it. Then pop over to Groupon to check for updated promo codes and order right away!

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I challenge you to get your 2017 photos done before the end of the year!  You might even forget some real gems you have on there 😉

If you have a family member that needs to get this done, share this post now!

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