Getting Our Groove on with Shushybye


When we were living in our condo, BabyFirst TV was running all day.  Jon and I loved the quick segments and Aubrey loved the music, the colors, and the characters.  Since Jon is a huge music lover – one particular set of characters we were drawn to was the Shushybye band.  They are a group of characters that come visit you while you’re sleeping and there are songs mixed in with the story lines.  When we moved, some of the BabyFirst TV show segments were on Netflix.  Unfortunately Shushybye was not one of those featured.  I know Aubrey doesn’t really remember watching it (she was 15 months when we moved) Jon and I did.  Every now and then we’d say Shushybye & Goodnight! because that’s what they said.

So, when I found out that Shushybye is coming to Universal City for monthly performances, I emailed Jon SO FAST to say ohmygoshwehavetogo!!!!! Their premiere performance at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal Citywalk starts this month on Saturday, March 29th with 2 shows – 10:30am and 12:00pm.  They’ll be performing the last Saturday of every month indefinitely.  I wish we could make it to the premiere but I’ll be away at a blogging conference.  But April – it’s on!!!

Shushybye Performing at Universal Citywalk

Since we can’t watch the Shushybyes to prepare, I was provided with a DVD of their show.  Aubrey and Luke love it.  Which is great because this will be the first show Aubrey sees! I’m grateful the concert is mindful of kids & nap times and not having it too late or in the middle of the day.  So, now that Aubrey has been re-introduced to the Shushybyes, we are having nightly concerts.

Shushybye Performing at Universal Citywalk

Shushybye Performing at Universal Citywalk


Can you tell how fast she’s banging on those keys?  Somewhere we have more instruments but we’re still unpacking.  I love having music back in the house and something for her to dance, jump, and play along with!

For more information on tickets visit the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club site. Or you can also reach them by phone – 818-824-6545.  I’ll let you know how her first concert goes!  {read our update on the concert here!}

Our family was provided with the DVD and a set of 4 tickets to see the show in Universal Citywalk.  

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