Shopping Habits

Back in the day, I remember saving up all my allowance to buy cheap outfits from forever 21.  I only got $5 a week so sometimes this was difficult. But thank god for the cheap quality of F21. LOL.  Now a days, I still shop, but it’s for house stuff, or car stuff, or business stuff. I don’t shop for clothes as much {exception – maternity clothes}.  And oh ya, Baby Nacho. {ps if you follow me on twitter, you’ll see a few of us call her #babynacho to get her nickname to start tending. HA!}

So, it started months ago, before I was pregnant, when I saw the baby leg warmers. So cute! I was hoping we’d eventually have a girl because I think it’s more socially acceptable to parade around your daughter in leg warmers than your son. Although I did tell some of my friends I WOULD dress my boy up in them because I think they’re so cute.  Many did not share the same sentiment. LOL.

So, today on BabySteals {this was my first purchase} I bit the bullet and bought some BabyLegs  Leg Warmers.  I wanted only a few, but they had so many cute ones {chevron stripes!!} I might have bought some more…



So why leg warmers? Well, first, they are adorable. 2nd she’s a fall baby. Meaning she’ll need things to keep her {hopefully} chubby thighs warm.  3rd – it’ll save her knees from when she’s crawling.  Story time – I remember being little and always so mad that my knees were ALWAYS scraped up. Just when it’d start to heal and fade away, I would scrape them up again. I always wondered if they’d EVER be “clean” and it took a long time for them to get there. These will last a long time and I’ll be saving them for either #2 {if it’s a girl} or passing them on to any girlfriends that have little girls.  :o)


  1. Nicole says

    Boys can wear baby legs! I have blue stripped ones and soccer ball ones which he wears to protect his knees 🙂 good purchase mama!

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