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I’d like to share a little story with you.  One time, awhile ago, I had a prescription filled at a pharmacy.  I couldn’t wait around for it because I had a few other errands to run, so I came back after eating dinner with the kids while Jon worked on their bathtime routine.  I figured, since I had it filled already, that I’d be back home within 15 minutes.  When I got to the pharmacy, I found out that it hadn’t actually been filled so I would have to wait.  They promised me about 10 minutes since it was later in the evening. No biggie.

So I texted Jon, and waited.  I flipped through Facebook & Twitter. Then Instagram, and then Pinterest.  And then texted Jon again.  Before I knew it, over 20 minutes had passed.  Where the heck was my prescription?

Finally the person behind the counter made eye contact with me (ok so I might have been staring at them waiting for them to look up to see me waiting with my most impatient face ever) and they asked if I was waiting on something. I said yes and they checked my prescription and it had already been filed away in the big section of names.

People! That means I wasted time sitting there!!! Most inefficient way of waiting ever!


Now, if I had sent that prescription to Target, I could have dropped it off, wandered to the makeup section, and received a text within that 10 minutes that it was ready.  HOW SIMPLE!  Instead of sitting in an uncomfortable chair, I could have been mesmerized by the fluorescent lights and gorgeous lip colors and nail polishes.  Isn’t that a much more productive way to wait?

And we know & love all the opportunities Target provides for saving us money.  They have some great offers when you switch to them for your prescription fills.  Once you switch and fill your first prescription – they’ll provide you with a 5% off once you sign up for their Target Pharmacy Rewards.  Use that on a shopping trip for you, or maybe to start your holiday shopping early!  And if you want to save even more money on some new lippies & polishes, become a member of the Pharmacy Rewards Program to take part in 5 for 5% – fill five prescriptions with Target and get a 5% savings pass!  Combine that with Cartwheel and you’ll become a savings expert!

Next time you’re at Target, be sure to sign up for their alerts so you can be notified as soon as it’s ready!

Enter for a chance to win $25 to Target to buy some of your favorite items!

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