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I was not required to post by Target, but I do have and love the Target REDcard so I am sharing with you ūüôā

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m obsessed with Target. ¬†When they added the grocer section in – it was forever sealed. ¬†You can pretty much get anything at Target, and you can enjoy your trip with a delicious Starbucks beverage. ¬†I’ve been known to stop for an Iced Toffee Nut Latte. ¬†It should also be cautioned, that shopping at Target has this weird phenomenon with random items just jumping into your cart. ¬†I walk out of there not really knowing how so many adorable items for Aubrey get in there. ¬†Online, even worst.

A few years ago, back when I was single, and didn’t give a damn about a budget, I shopped online a lot with them. ¬†They always had the best clearance deals. ¬†But something always kept occurring – I had to buy more just to get free shipping. Let’s face it – we’ve all been there. ¬†You will buy more to save that $5 bucks. Wonderful marketing, I tell ya!¬†¬†But time passed, I got married, had kids, and we have to live on a budget.

Each trip the Target Team Members would approach me about their REDcard. I would decline as I didn’t want to have a credit card for Target. That’s just dangerous in our household. ¬†The perks were great but I know how I am with credit cards. ¬†When my friend told me about their new debit card – SOLD. Sign me up. ¬†Receive the same perks and have it hit your checking account? That’s what I needed. ¬†A way to hit my checkbook and keep me accountable.

While the term debit seems misleading, let me tell you it is processed more like a check does. (who uses those anyways).  When you shop, and use your card, it hits your checking account around 2-3 business days later.  But, if you have a return, it works like your normal debit card when you should be able to receive the cash back on the item, instead of waiting for it to process like a credit return.

But lets get to the fun part. If you’ve shopped at Target, you always hear the Team Member offer the card during checkout. You might blow them off. But you should not. STOP IT! ¬†Here’s what you get with the card:

5% off EVERYTHING.  A friend of mine even saved 5% on her electronic purchase.

Free Shipping ALL.THE.TIME.  No more purchases that you get upset with after because you spent too much money.  You buy exactly what you need, and have it shipped directly to you, for free.

Extra Return Time.  Instead of 60 days to return (most) items, you now get 90. BOOM.



  1. Aileen says

    Love the REDcard. To add to your list – you don’t have to keep your receipts. For exchanges and returns they can just look up your purchases through your REDcard.

  2. says

    Yeah, I’ve heard about this and we shop there so often, we plan on signing up. But at the check out, I think they needed a voided check, and that, I never have on hand. But I still plan on applying. ūüôā

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