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It’s inevitable after time.  You shop a lot, wear some things, use some things, and then it sits.  Sits in a closet on a hanger, sits in a bag in the very far back.  You think you’ll use it at some point again, but you find something new instead.  And more is added.  That’s what happens a lot of the time for me and also my friend MJ.  I don’t have garage sales to sell my items, plus everyone wants a bargain and the stuff we have is of decent value.  So, to Instagram we go.  MJ and I have teamed up to create @SoCalGirlsCloset.

SoCalGirlsCloset - ShopMyCloset - Instagram

We each have our own taste in clothing so there’s practically something for everyone.  Shoes, clothing, accessories, even some of my maternity clothes.  So if you have an IG account, follow us.  The process is simple. We post a photo, with description & price.  Shipping is included.  First person to reply with their paypal email will be sent an invoice that they must pay within 24 hours of receipt.  Then, we ship. All sales final.  We can answer any questions you might have.  So, if you’re in the shopping mood, come Shop Our Closet!

SoCalGirlsCloset - Instagram - Shop Our Closet


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