Move over Lucy & Ethel {see’s candies – canyon country}


So since I know Lucy was a redhead, I suppose that makes me Ethel.  Ok that’s fine.  But telling these two ladies to move over since my sister and I are now expert Candy Packers.  Well, let me back up.


Remember when I visited our local See’s Candies  and found out I really enjoy their candy?  I was invited back for the opening of a new store in our town and tried even MORE new flavors. New to me.  And we were taught how to cup and stuff boxes and I think Jenn and I have a pretty good chance of being hired on for their holiday staff 🙂

When we arrived, the smell of chocolate filled the room and an entire case of candy just screamed out TRY ME!! So, we did.


I ventured out and tried some of their Holiday editions as well as some of their regular flavors.  Pecan Pie Truffle. Chocolate Mint Truffle. Cranberry Orange Truffle. Lemon Truffle. Key Lime Truffle. oh my.  My sister and I were splitting the sweets so we wouldn’t be on a major sugar high.  My favorites were Lemon Truffle & their Bridge Mix.  Her favorites were the Chocolate mint Truffle and Key Lime Truffle.


My packing skills. Can you name all the ones there?

We were given some information about See’s and some tidbits were interesting.

How many pieces of chocolate do you think they give out a a year?

Over 20 million!  They dish out about 1 million pounds a year in samples and on average 22 pieces fit in a 1lb box!

Where do they make their famous Lollypops?

San Francisco

Why the black & white checkered floor?

All stores were  designed to mirror what Mary See’s Pasadena kitchen looked like.  And you guessed it – checkered floors!

Number one flavor year after year?


See’s is a great gift to give, and they are also fantastic with fundraising for your school, sports team, or scout troop!


What’s your favorite flavor?

See’s Candies Canyon Country

19372 Soledad Canyon Road

Canyon Country, CA 91351



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