Searching For The Ultimate Sippy Cup

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search for the ultimate sippy cup -

I’m not sure how, but apparently I blinked and Ryan is now almost 11 months old.  He’s no longer a tiny, immobile baby that is exclusively breastfed.  Now he’s a crawling, babbling, clapping baby who consumes purees, puffs, and teething biscuits.  Just today (as I write this) he’s stood twice for 1 second unassisted. STOP RYAN!!  But if I’ve learned anything from watching Aubrey & Luke grow up – it’s inevitable.  I can’t stop time, and I can’t prevent him from taking big boy advances from bottles to sippy cups.

I’ve also learned from the other two that no two babies are alike (well, maybe twins).  The bottles & sippy cups we used for Aubrey were different than Luke’s.  And what worked for Luke might not work for Ryan.  Trial & error is the name of the game.  The one thing now is that with 3 kids, full time job, part time jobs, and husband in grad school – I can’t take time for 15 trips to stores to try out different cups.  Jon is constantly telling me to do whatever I can to make life easier.  On nights when he’s at school, we have simple dinners.  We skip baths on Saturdays (no judging).  And I’ve most recently taught the kids how to make their own beds. One thing I’ve been relying heavily on is ordering online.  With so many different methods to get free shipping, it’s practically a no-brainer.

One site that I’ve used for all 3 kids is  The very first time I used  was when I found out quickly that maternity pants for newly pregnant women don’t fit.  With my pregnancy with Aubrey I hopped online and ordered the Ingrid & Isabel Everyday Bellaband.  They ship incredibly fast (1-2 day options) and offer free shipping (for purchases over $49).  I’ve bought car seats from them as well and now I’ve gone to search for the ultimate sippy cup.

search for the ultimate sippy cup -

We were heading out on a camping trip and the weather was going to be pretty warm.  We only have 1 bottle for Ryan and I didn’t want to bring that for him to drink water from.  I had planned to stop out but then a call from preschool had me picking up Aubrey with an ear infection.  While she slept, I was able to hop online, and start adding different cups  to bring on our trip.

search for the ultimate sippy cup -

I was SHOCKED to see it would arrive the next day! I was able to stock up on some of the food items he was out of as well, and a toy.  Because, everyone deserves a little treat now and then.  Once the box arrived, I opened it up and grabbed the cups to wash and try out with Ryan.

search for the ultimate sippy cup -

Top –> clockwise (Gerber Graduates, Munchkin 360 Trainer Cup, Munchkin Flexi Transition Cup, Boon Snug)

Right off the top – I must tell you I could NOT figure out how liquid was to come out of the Munchkin 360 trainer cup.  I realized that the top blue color circle is a silicone covering and that when the toddler tips and sucks out the liquid, it’s released.  This did not go well with Ryan.  The big kids, however, really liked it.  This is a great cup for a more experienced drinker down the line.

Since this was Ryan’s first experience with drinking from a cup – the two that worked best for him were the two that were most similar to the bottle.  That would be the Boon Snug (which is awesome because the silicone top can go over any glass!) and the Munchkin Flexi Transition cup.

search for the ultimate sippy cup -

Such a big boy!

He understood the concept of both the cups but the Boon Snug was the one I really didn’t have to try to teach him how to use it.  Which, is really a funny sight because he just stared at me while I tried to show him how to drink from it. Both are also extremely easy to wash which is so important because I don’t like spending time on washing a million different pieces.

search for the ultimate sippy cup -

This spout is made of the same material as his bottle – the Munchkin Latch (which we love!).

We’re alternating between the two, currently, but I love that I have an extra lid to keep in the diaper bag from the Boon Snug for when we’re out and about.  And all the other goodies Ryan got? He loves them!

search for the ultimate sippy cup -

My friend bought Aubrey this Jungly Tails book when she was a baby.  Luke loved it as well.  So now Ryan has his own!

The app is easy to navigate and sort through what you’re looking for.  The free shipping for orders over $49 is also incredible.  And if you’re new to – there’s a special promotion for you!  Save 20% off your first order* and an extra $5 off with a case of diapers by entering TRYUSLOVEUS from now through the end of the year.  And, if you’re a second time shopper, get 10% off your entire second order**   |   Facebook   |   Twitter   |   Instagram

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