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This week I celebrate my 33rd birthday.  It’s kind of snuck up on me this year.  Well, to be completely honest, the fact that it’s December, in general, is just mind boggling.  I swear I was just ringing in the new year at Knott’s Berry Farm!  But like anything, time just sneaks up on you and you’re trying to do your best to scramble and make the most of it.  Do you ever get that feeling? Like, you wonder how you went from some young 20-something staying up late, sleeping in, and then BAM – you’re a mom, sleeping like 6 hours or so a night, and living off coffee?

Happy Birthday Skin

Sure, we can sit here, and dissect my life and figure out all the things I should have started doing earlier.  Probably should have started drinking lots of water on a regular basis before I got pregnant with Aubrey (I was 29), or worked on applying a moisturizer with SPF on a regular basis when I was in high school and spent all the breaks outside.  Or what about washing my makeup off at night? That one is a HUGE STRUGGLE for me still.

But, we’re not going there.  Instead, I’m going to give my skin a birthday treat.  Well, Pevonia Skincare is giving my skin a birthday treat.  Haven’t heard of Pevonia? It’s ok, I was recently introduced to it as well.  It started with an online questionnaire asking what I thought were some attention areas for my skin and then received an email back with a skincare professional’s recommendations.  Here’s what I received.


I’m making a promise to myself to use everything here consistently.  Here’s what I got.

Hydrating Sunscreen – SPF 30 for all this SoCal Sunshine!

Blemish B-Gone – because, I might be 33 but still get zits!

Lumafirm Repair Cream –  hoping by starting early, I can help my skin for later down the road!

Lumablanc Cream – to combat the dark spots that appeared while I was pregnant with Luke

Myoxy-Caviar Timeless Eye Contour – to make my eyes look, well, less aged.


I’ll be reporting back next month with an update AND a giveaway!

How have you changed your skin routine as you get older?


This post was created in partnership with Pevonia. I have been compensated and/or given product for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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      I was looking at photos from after Luke was born – My skin was SO.FRIGGIN.BAD. It’s amazing how changing skincare products can truly have a great effect. I think I was using something too harsh and strong.

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