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Budget & Accountability {week 2} #FinancialFriday

Well. This didn't work out so well.  First things first - went through where all our money went this week.  We went way over budget on our  gas - because I had a bridal event 40 miles away (one way) over the weekend and had an extra fill-up.  We also had 2 gifts to purchase, but everything else aligned up pretty well with our breakdown of our budget. When figuring out how much to budget for each week, I took the approximate amount we spend each month and split it up into weeks.  Sometimes we have bigger spending one week, and then less the next. Hoping this is the case. Can I be honest? It … [Read more...]

Budget & Accountability {week 1} #FinancialFriday

I posted on Facebook about the spreadsheet I created in order to track our expenses.  Jon and I, prior to getting married, had some credit card debt to get rid of, so had to find out more about it all.  We accomplished that before we got engaged, and then from that point on, lived off our debit & checking account rather than relying on credit cards.  It went well. We saved. The items we paid for our wedding were done with cash rather than credit (except the groomsmen gifts. That was last minute and money was tight so it went on a card).  Then, we got an offer for Bank of America's 3,2,1 … [Read more...]

Having Trouble Jumping Back In

Last fall you might remember my posts about accountability, finance, and using cash to pay for things.  Well, the holidays happened.  Then the new year.  Then deciding to move.  And here we are, in March, and I am having trouble jumping back in  to the cash routine.  Why am I telling you this? Because I know this spiral happens to all of us.  We get slipped up, can't find our footing, and have a hard time jumping back in.  I vow to make time this week to list out all our bills and re-do our cash process so I can ensure we're using our money better, so we can keep saving for our home. What's … [Read more...]