Ryan’s Helmet – One Month Update with Plagiocephaly

one month update with  Plagiocephaly - Ryan's helmet

Check out this little handsome guy!  One month update with Plagiocephaly

We’re one month in with Ryan’s latest accessory – his helmet to correct Plagiocephaly.  (You can read about our experience with his Plagiocephaly diagnosis here).  When he had it put on, he was about 5 1/2 months old.  The technician said that most kids’ skulls slow down growth at 6 months and we  could expect to visit them every 2 weeks for readjustment.

With the first few visits (every Wednesday) I would notice how much tighter of a fit it was across his forehead.  The band across his forehead applied gentle pressure and it gave him this squished look.  So when he turned 6 months, the tech said his head was still growing quickly and to keep up our weekly appointments.

one month update with  Plagiocephaly - Ryan's helmet

Obviously mid-word for Luke 🙂

This past visit, at 4 weeks in, we finally were “promoted” to bi-weekly visits.  I also asked them for an estimate on how much longer he’d need to be in it.  It was more just out of curiosity since so much quick change occurred up front.  The technician said maybe 4 more weeks.  I’m not taking it as final (obviously) but that would be amazing if he’d have it off for most of summer.

It’s been triple digits lately and while we stay inside, it still gets warm for him.  His body has gotten so much more used to it, and we’ve had to be mindful of what we dress in him to avoid overheating.  The novelty of the kids wanting to touch his helmet every moment has subsided.  They still want to touch it sometimes but I just keep telling them it’s not a toy and we can’t touch it.  My friend Liz made us the adorable decals and they’ve held up pretty well!  We put them on shortly after the last update (after week one) and there’s just been a slight lifting with the thinner vinyl area of the airplane details.

The Plagiocephaly location – Cranial Technologies in Pasadena – is a bit far from us but I’ve enjoyed the quiet time in the car and he’s great for the ride.  Most of the time he sleeps the whole way there and the whole way back.  A few times we’ve added on some fun extras including lunch with my aunt & uncle that live out there and stocking up at ALDI (ps if you go you MUST buy the chocolate covered butter biscuit cookies and the chocolate covered caramels).

With Jon just returning from an international trip (for almost 3 weeks) he was also amazed with the amount of change Ryan had occur!

So what happens at our visits now?  Each visit they put on the thin white nylon cap (similar to what they used when they did his initial 3D imaging) and do a sight comparison of the shape.  They have a laptop there with his original imaging for comparison.  They remove his helmet, do some spot checks and shave out more of the interior foam.

The entire process is about 15 minutes.  It’s quick and then we’re on our way!  I’ll check back again in a few weeks with more updates! I’ll try to grab some video next time of the process to include.

one month update with  Plagiocephaly - Ryan's helmet

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  1. Katie says

    Glad he is showing such quick progress! It will be over soon, and don’t worry…summer lasts until Thanksgiving here in SoCal, haha.

    • says

      Ya it’s like any thing – you don’t notice the slight day to day changes so you have to use photos to compare. But with the fit of his helmet, it’s totally apparent. Which reminds me, it’s getting snug again and I’m not sure he’ll make it another week! I need to call them.

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