Ryan – 3 month Update & My Favorite Treats

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It’s been apparently a challenge to keep updating on how life is with three. Ryan turned 3 months a week ago and he is FINALLY sharing his smiles with me!  He isn’t stingy with them anymore!  We just finished a round of flu through the house and he even had his first round of antibiotics :/  We’re all on the mend and after a long week home with everyone (while also trying to work and thank GOD my mom lives with us to help and watch them for when I did have to get into the office) I’m here to share some photos of Ryan and also what’s been keeping things sane lately.

Ryan 3 months

Ok so he really IS a happy baby. But I had the flip screen up on my camera and he totally freaks out with that.  Jon took a short video of him last week and flipped the iPhone camera around. It’s HILARIOUS! I remember at some point both Aubrey & Luke were infatuated with staring at the baby in the mirror. One day this guy will too and not be so scared.

Ryan 3 months

Here’s a smile.  He’s getting to be pretty big and pretty strong.  We’re still doing REALLY well with our breastfeeding journey. {Read our 1 month update here}  Jon jokes I have something magical in my milk since he’s already in 6 month clothing.  The 3 month footie pjs are now about 2 inches too short.  This outfit he’s in is sized 6 months. I might have a linebacker in the future.

When I was nursing Luke, we started noticing his trouble with digesting dairy at about 6 weeks in.  With Ryan, he’s nowhere near the sensitivity level that Luke had.  But I do find that he gets a bit, uh, backed up and last week we even had a full on screaming session for about 2 1/2 hours due to tummy troubles.  I’ve shared before that I never thought I’d be one to go dairy free- but seeing your babies in pain makes you try anything.

When I noticed Ryan was starting to have trouble every now and then, I started slowing up my dairy treats – iced coffee, ice cream, and cereal.  I put a decent amount of milk in my iced coffee {Check out my recipe here!} and cereal is NOT just a breakfast dish in this household.

A2 Milk USA with Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cereal favorite treats

There is nothing better than a bowl of cereal after the kids are in bed and you realize you survived another day. One of my favorite treats.

I was so happy to come across the opportunity to join A2 Milk® as one of their ambassadors.  I will let you know – It tastes just like my usual milk (probably because a2 iMilk® is farm fresh milk!.  That doesn’t happen if you try out some other “milk” types.  A2 Milk® is found at a few grocers (and I even had my friend send me a pic when she spotted it at Sprouts!).  So, I’m sure you’re wondering, what IS A2 milk®It’s pure farm fresh milk, without the A1 protein that can cause post-dairy digestive discomfort. That protein is in all conventional & organic milks.  I’ve never been tested for any milk intolerances, but I know you can relate if you feel a bit not-so-fun after enjoying your favorite milk shake, cereal, etc.  Studies show about 25% of us have discomfort but only about 3-4% are actually diagnosed with an intolerance. This is a great alternative without sacrificing the taste of milk!  And there’s no need to worry about having a decrease with your calcium intake.  a2 Milk® has about 6 times the amount of calcium than soy beverages, about 8 times the protein of almond beverages, and about 6 times the protein of rice beverages.  You can purchase it in whole milk, reduced fat 2% milk, low fat 1% milk and non-fat milk.

A2 Milk USA iced coffee favorite treats

Mamas run on Iced Coffee

Hoping this swap-out will keep those screaming fits to a minimum!  And please someone tell me how to get my baby to stop growing so fast!

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