Round Up of My Favorite Things

Awhile back, I used to do posts that included some of my favorite things I stumbled upon.  With Instagram it’s so easy to snap a pic, and write about it in the caption.  I always forget to translate that to my blog, so you should just follow me on there.

But I figured it’d be a great time to go over some of the things I’ve come across.

Round Up Of My Favorite Things - MelissaDellThe Contigo coffee thermos

I got this last christmas and I’ve used it practically every day since. It keeps my coffee HOT for 3 hours.  Which reminds me, I’m going to give one away soon. (so keep following me here or on twitter to get a head’s up!)

Round Up Of My Favorite Things - MelissaDell


I received these during BlogHer last year and I still LOVE the Downy softener.  This scent is amazing.  I even upgraded to the super large bottle during one of my Target trips!

Round Up Of My Favorite Things - MelissaDellObviously Netflix, since we are using it while we are Cable free in our rental house.

And now here are some new ones that I haven’t written about (but have posted on Instagram)

Round Up Of My Favorite Things - MelissaDell

Poptarts, especially the frosted strawberry. So much that I asked Jon to buy the BIG BOX from Sam’s club.

Round Up Of My Favorite Things - MelissaDell
A bargain item at Homegoods to fuel my cold brewed coffee addiction (because I do have one, in storage, and $5.99 is a lot easier than digging through boxes).

Round Up Of My Favorite Things - MelissaDell

Michael Kors catalogs arriving at my house. But I bet Jon does not like this.

Round Up Of My Favorite Things - MelissaDell
Talenti Gelato. Even though I’m Dairy Free for a bit as Luke wasn’t digesting the protein well. (more on that this week)

So what new things have you come across? Could also be “new to you”! Leave a comment. I want to learn of new things!!!


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    oooh!!!! I’ve seen that gelato in my market and always wondered. I guess now I have to try it! Also, please give away thermoses. I love them. I will enter and tweet the crap out of every giveaway of a thermos you ever have. 🙂

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