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So, with 2 under 2, the great search for a great double stroller commenced. I bought (before I was pregnant) an UppaBaby Vista stroller. That thing is awesomesauce. It has an extension handlebar for tall folks to not be hunched over, a HUGE basket underneath for all sorts of things (including, at some point, 2 bottles of champagne, OJ, baking items, and a few other Target essentials), and handled like a champ.  But looking over their 2nd seat addition – the Rumble Seat – the reviews weren’t so hot. And what made me decide against that addition was the fact that Aubrey wouldn’t be facing out. She’d be facing the back of the other kid (or the face. depending how we had the main seat).  Girlfriend loves to look out. She started using the stroller face out when she was about 4 months old.  Depriving her of the outside world seemed mean.


So I started looking. And quickly got discouraged. I couldn’t comprehend dumping over 500 or 600 dollars on a new and decent double stroller.  And if I went the lesser priced route, I’d be sacrificing all the things I love about the Vista.  I still wasn’t sure what to do – keep the Vista and use my Ergo baby carrier with the newborn? But then what if they fall asleep and I have to do the dreaded carseat transfer? Also, this baby is due in JULY. In California where the temps in our town exceed 100 on a daily basis. Do you REALLY think I’ll want to sport a cotton carrier with a hot little heat radiating baby? No. Probably not the best decision.


So, one day I was checking out the local baby board for my town on Facebook and came across the photo of a really cool looking double stroller.  It was for the Bumbleride Indie Twin.  The color combination is called Seagrass.  I loved it.  I got in line for the consideration of it (there were about 4 or 5 people ahead of me) and I figured it’d go to one of them.


Room for One More - Mommy Gear Stroller 1

Slowly I kept getting notifications that the next one in line was up. Then the next. Finally – ME!  The mom met up with me in the parking lot of my work and she took it out, told me about the features, and helped me put it in my car to see how much space it takes up.

Room for One More - Mommy Gear Stroller 2


A lot. But, I loved the design and you could have both kids face out, it still fit through standard doors, and the basket underneath is huge.  She also had a lot of the accessories to go with it. I asked her if she minded me  thinking about it – since it IS a huge purchase – and she said no problem! I talked it over with Jon and he knows how important a good stroller is to me. He didn’t like when I grabbed the UppaBaby, but after using it, he has grown to love it and appreciate it too. So I thought a lot about it, and decided that it was meant for us to have. It’s a great deal, and once we get closer to my due date I’ll sell our Vista and it will almost cover the cost of this new stroller.  And I love that it’s still green 🙂

How did you handle multiples? Did you get a new, bigger stroller? Or was your oldest big enough to walk around most the time? If Aubrey had been older, I probably would not have upgraded the stroller. But she’ll only be 21 months. I think she’ll want to sit and hang out for awhile 🙂


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    Oh the double stroller saga! I’ve researched double strollers for years for years and now with my turn up, I can’t decide because so many doubles have so many incredible features. Makes it very hard! My top picks are the City Mini Double GT, Bugaboo Donkey, Orbit Double Helix system and the Double BOB.

    I looked at the Uppababy with rumble seat too but I’m with you I didn’t like where the older child would sit.

    I plan to keep my single strollers – Cameleon and the BOB for times when I have only one child. I feel like I can’t get much out of resale in my area and from what I’ve read many moms still find themselves using their singles especially if their older children go to day activities or preschool. When Jack goes to preschool, our baby girl will still be young enough to ride in a stroller but I’m also very pro-stroller so I’ll keep them in there as long as possible! ha!

    Fun pos! I think you’ll be very happy with your purchase. LOTS of people LOVE the double Indie – it was highly promoted on my FB question.

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      Ha ha! Yes it’s amazing how much thought goes into any stroller purchase!! I’d love the Donkey but can’t justify the price tag at this point. I’ve also ward great things of the City double editions – my friend just bought the city select to use for her twins later this year. Shocking how many doubles can’t be used for 2 infants with the car seats!

      And yes, the more I think about my Vista the more I *might* be inclined to keep it for those exact reasons you referenced. We’re looking into preschool for Aubrey for the fall (for when she turns 2) and then I’ll just have one most the day. Decisions decisions. Thanks for your comment!!!

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    I think when it is time to upgrade our stroller we will go with the stroller + toddler shelf style (where there is just a step on the back for the toddler to ride, and the seat up front for the younger one). Lexi already fights the stroller after a few minutes and wants to walk instead so there is no need for us to get a giant stroller to accomodate her. I’ll probably keep the jogging stroller and then just upgrade our umbrella stroller for errands and travel.

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    We just assembled our Baby Trend Navigator double jogging stroller. We had the Baby Trend Expedition travel system when it was just Sophia and I didn’t have a bad thing to say about it. We sold our single stroller, used a gift card, and grab the double while it was on sale at Babies R Us.

    We’re practically in the same boat as one another. Sophia loves to walk but she’ll only be 20 months when the new one gets here and I don’t want to have to chase her through the park or the store or have to carry her after she gets tired.

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    Hilarious that the 2 strollers I ever considered buying for my now nearly 6 year old were by Bumbleride and the Uppa Baby Vista. We did wind up with the Vista and used it for sometime before Wild Boy decided he hated it. We then used a cheap-o Combi and then graduated to a Maclaren.

    In NY everyone that I knew had a Phil and Ted’s or a Baby Jogger Citi Mini but that was because space in their apartments were at a premium. Personally, I know we all spend way too much time researching and attempting to find the best stroller and man, those babies wind up helping make the decision somewhere down the road.

    I think the Bumbleride is adorable and since you will not be required to pick it up on the subway (since there are cars in LA), you and those babies will love it!

    As the old ladies in my family always say, “Use it in good heath”!

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