RHO NY {reunion part 2}

I’m so excited I’ll be in town for tonight’s RHO NY reunion {part two}. I’m ready for the drama!

Sorry got a late start :o)

Just starting off the reunion and can’t wait! Sonja’s on tonight!!!

Here we go!

Well, I guess I can skip all the comments about the hairdos, and Jill’s shoes since they’re all in the same garb as last time. LOL

Welcome back Jill! You shouldn’t run away. Tears make for good tv 🙂

Yes Jill, do you realize now what you looked like? Alex, you’re right. She did realize how bad she looked then.   You got a backlash, Jill, because you were so awful at times!

Jill vs Bethenny round two: Bethenny takes the point!

Simon is calling out Jill? LOL Love it! He’s not even there!  I wonder if he’s watching this at home with his kilt 🙂

Kelly, she wasn’t going to film with you cuz you’re cuh-RAZY!

Um Kelly, yes you never actually say that about Bethenny you just insinuate you don’t know her, and you don’t care, and you say she’s a cook. Not a chef.

Jill’s response is always -pull the tape. pull the tape! Oy

I agree with Alex, Jill knew. She just doesn’t want to admit it.

Another thing to add to Jill’s mistake list – Bobby’s cancer. Not talking about it, but getting pissed after.

Oh Luann speaks!

And now back to Jill.

I kinda feel awkward . oh Bethenny read my mind – it has been about Jill for like the past 10 minutes.  DON’T LEAVE!!

{commercial break}

Sonja!!!! So excited to have her on here. She was hilarious this season. Oh she left her little hair friend at home!

Oh Ramona’s Bachelorette party, that was awesome! lol. Poor Ramona knew nothing!

Drunk Sonja is awesome! lol

LOL She has repeat customers. LOL

So, what is defined as a one night stand? I agree with Andy – go out, find someone, wham bam thank you ma’am.


Is it odd that Sonja doesn’t even mention if she has a son or a daugh…oh. she just did. LOL.

I love that Sonja’s first response to her pooch is “Well, I’m a little vain…”  Love her.

I want to throw parties where people donate the food and booze!!

Ooooh, Bethenny vs Luann!!!!

The clip again of Ramona on the catwalk. I can’t ever get tired of that clip!!

Jill, you’re one liners will always get a laugh from your side-kick Luann

Good question Andy – are they aware of the folks surrounding them? I don’t think so. Kelly always seems to talk to people about “things” with the public around her.

LOL. She lost her husband and grew a penis. LOL

Kelly wants to be Robin to Batman. uhhhhhh.

Kelly – Lemons out of lemonade. Um yes. you’re NOT crazy.

Ro-monics. It’s true! She does have her own way of speaking!

{commercial break}

Ooooh, Kelly’s meltdown!!!!

Such a somber mood in the studio.

Kelly, please speak clearly.

Using this as a tool? For your children?  What about your lollipops and gummy bears? Are those good tactics too?

Andy looks confused.

Ugh commercial! Hurry!

LOL. I love how Andy re-interprets what she says, and she’s like “No.” and Jill has to tell her “yes. that’s what you say”

LOL. No Andy, it’s not true. They held her at gun-point to go on this trip.

Luann. Can you really think she’s sane?

Thank you! She DID instigate! And then play the victim “bullying” card.

Bye Kelly.

To Be Continued! man.

Well, I’ll be out of town for the last part. I can’t wait to watch it as soon as I get home Friday night!


  1. FunnyVal says

    Remember, Cookoo cookoo! Alex looks great with that hairdo but the reunion itself, it’s something else. At least it’s better than Housewives of New Jersey! LOL!!!

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