Mission accomplished! Well, 85% accomplished. Both of my registries have been done and now just for some fine tuning. I registered in person at Buy Buy Baby and online only with Target. I loved lots of the items and some things were a bit overwhelming. The toys are crazy!! There was so many options and different colors and crinkly things and vibrating things. Lol.

I can’t believe how close we’re getting! Seems so surreal. This weekend I have to clean out the closet in the nursery and then next weekend we are doing the nursery! We picked out the paint color last week and my dad is helping tint it to the right shade of green. It’s gonna be so awesome. Not too girlie. But just enough!

Stay tuned for photos on the process!


  1. says

    Yay! FYI – I got the itzbeen and probably used it for 2 weeks. I actually bought the Total Baby app for the iPhone and still use it to this day. It does the same stuff, plus logs dr appts, growth (and tells you percentage) etc., but the biggest thing for me was that it does this all on my iPhone, which I was already carrying around everywhere anyway…

  2. Katie says

    Yeah, if you want, just take the itzbeen off your registry. I can give you mine next time I see you in case it works better for you, but Total Baby is the way to go, and way cheaper. Oh and those chew sleeves for the Ergo are genius! I had never seen them till your registry and went right onto Amazon to order some – Lexi ALWAYS chews on the Ergo!

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