Real Mom Talk – Missing Out

A year ago, I was at a blogging conference and purchased my ticket for the following year before I left my hotel.   I realized, at the time, it would be the week leading in to Mother’s Day but I was like, oh that’s ok. I’ll be home for Mother’s Day. No Big Deal.

Except, I realized, it kind of was.

This year I have a lot more travel dates on the calendar with work, blogging, and fun.  It means being away from the kids more – which is totally fine because we have a village to help when Jon or I are away.  But I quickly realized how much Mom Guilt I had with being gone for the Mother’s Day performance at Luke & Aubrey’s preschool.

Missing out - Mom Guilt

Aubrey’s teacher shared this pic with me – it says I’m going to be so happy when you come home Mommy!

We had figured out that for the Mother’s Day performance & treats, my mom and mother in law would go and Ryan would be in his stroller.  My mom was going to film it and I’d catch it when I got back. I was really more upset than I realized that morning because it was Aubrey’s last one at preschool and the last time these two would be together for this event.  I’m not really sure what they do in elementary school but the mom guilt was REAL.

What I discovered at the conference, however, was that there were so many other moms in the same spot as me.  And so many of their villages were stepping up to take the place so the kids were not feeling left out.  Or looking into the crowd for a familiar face.

But a funny thing happened and I realized that technology is all sorts of awesome.  I ended up texting my mom right when the show started to FaceTime me so I could see them sing.  And she did. And I might have had tears in my eyes and the biggest smile ever watching my kids (and their friends!) sing their little hearts out.

And after they came off the stage – and when my mom told them I was on the phone – they had pure joy in their voices and faces as they got to wish me a happy Mother’s Day and knew I saw them perform.  It might have been a bit fuzzy and the service wasn’t too fantastic – but they didn’t need to know that.  They knew their mom cared and saw them.

Later in the day, while hanging out in the Florida Sunshine, another mom (and friend) – Alli with Made With Happy – did the same thing.  She watched her son do an amazing dance with the other kids in his class and she had the same tears in her eyes.

Mom guilt is real.  Mom guilt is normal.  But we can move past that, figure out life to still be there for our kids, and thank our village when we get back.

 Missing out - Mom Guilt


Thank you Grammie and Manna for celebrating with my kids!


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