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When I relocated to Valencia right before high school, I had only visited a handful of times.  My aunt, uncle & cousins lived up here and we’d visit Valencia Town Center and head to the movies for the Summer Matinees.  My sister and I would get dropped off, with some snacks, and catch a few flicks.  When I moved here, I was a freshman at Valencia High School.  During my senior year, I would meet Jon, who would later become my husband.  Some of my now best-friends all went there.  Actually, almost all my friends went there.

At the time, most of us complained about how boring our town was.  How everything shut down so early.  How there was just nothing to do.

Oh the life of a teenager.  Almost 20 years later, I now can’t think of a better place to raise my family.  When Jon and I were looking for our forever home, we wanted something that would be more central to town.  Since high school, Valencia, CA has blossomed into this enormous city.  Sure, that expansion comes with a lot of growing pains, but overall our town has almost anything you’d need.  It’s family friendly, the schools are great, and the restaurants are really stellar.

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Valencia is known for the master-planned community design.  The neighborhoods typically have lots of sidewalks, paseos connecting streets, and community pools.  The paseos and bike paths could even connect you to the now-called Westfield Valencia Town Center without going near major streets.  It’s pretty awesome.

The neighborhood where we purchased our home is actually the very first master planned community.  The homes were built in 1968 and we even have some of the original owners living around us.  It was a major thing to be an Original Owner, as we have found out in talking to some of our neighbors that moved in shortly after the homes opened.

With any of the current new neighborhoods, potential home owners receive pamphlets of information discussing what the community has to offer.  With our home purchase, we were lucky to find the original binder containing amazing facts and information for the area.  Included were hand-typed phone lists of all the clubs and organizations, a coupon pass for the neighborhood shopping mall, and information on the golf course located here.

Included was this original map of the planned community.

#LiveInValencia | valencia master planned communities

#LiveInValencia | valencia master planned communities

Originally, there was a plan to build a neighboring high school and junior high to this first planned community.  That plan did not happen.  What is currently there is a large set of homes, which is where I first lived when I moved up here before high school.

Finding such a treasure was awesome.  I’m a geek about history stuff like that.  In the garage we found newspaper from when the original owners moved in.  It’s so fragile that it immediately disintegrates when you touch it.

Next Tuesday, There will be a twitter party with some of the residents of Valencia and even a set of great giveaway items.  RSVP is required (just have to send a simple tweet!)  and you can learn about the prizes & sponsors through this link.  I’ll be joining Carolyn from This Talk Ain’t Cheap to share our stories about living here!

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Hope to see you there!



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    I have a sorority sister that grew up in Valencia. After graduating and settling down, we got in contact with each other again. She is now raising her family in Valencia! 🙂

    I don’t have much experience with the area, other than Magic Mountain, of course, but it has always seemed like a lovely are!

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