Quick thank you!

I mentioned how powerful Twitter was, earlier this week. I know a lot of my friend are not on there, and that’s ok. And it’s ok that many don’t understand. But I did start a campaign to get my BFF on twitter last year, and after holding out, she finally joined {although I think I’m about 15% of the reason}. I’ve used it to network with my business, vent about companies that have crappy customer service, and to put out questions to the twittersphere and wait for the responses to come in {which honestly, is pretty damn quick}. The other night I posted a question to the mommy’s – to see which came first – the chicken or the egg. No, just kidding. Actually I wanted to see if many experienced contractions first, or their water breaking. Most women seemed to have their water break at the hospital and a lot were induced {who knew?}. And ps – no I’m not in labor, as of when I’m writing this post on Monday afternoon….

I’ve developed friendships with strangers, and I’m not ashamed about that. I love learning about people and twitter allows that, in 140 characters or less. So earlier this week I got a tweet from another Melissa, @dentistmel, saying she gave me an award on her blog! I have no idea if I’m supposed to do anything, but I figured I can send a quick thank you and hopefully pass some new readers on to her! She’s a part time dentist {my husband might try to sell your office new products…that’s what he does :o)} and is the mom to Hayley {3} and Zane {6 months}. Check out her blog and if you’re on twitter, follow her!


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