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I’ve written before about makeup, and the drug store face, and now, it’s time to chat about makeup again.  I had been using the liquid foundation and topped with powder, but I wanted to cut down the steps, and try a better mineral makeup.  We just had an Ulta open up in town, and I wanted to see how it was.  I loved how open it was and finally made my way over to the mineral makeup.  The Ulta Associate asked me what I was looking for – I said something that was easy to apply, had great coverage, and wasn’t too messy.  She brought me over to the Pur Minerals display and told me not to worry – the compact was still the same coverage as the loose powders of other brands.  She color matched me, I bought a kit, and I headed home.

The true test is always doing it yourself.  I posted a photo on Instagram of the kit, and dove in.  The Pur Minerals kit I purchased (Start Now 5-piece kit) included their primer, 4-in-1 pressed mineral powder, mineral glow, mascara, and their chisel brush.  I skipped applying my concealer as I wanted to test it, for real.  Below are some photos of before & after using the powder!

PurMinerals 1

PurMinerals 2

PurMinerals 3

PurMinerals 4

 Great, right?? For the first time, I did get some loose brush bristles all over my face. But I rubbed it over a towel a few times and it seemed to get most of the loose ones out.  Since then, I just get a few every now and then.  The coverage is amazing.  I haven’t used my concealer at all, and am not self-conscious about any breakouts.  And the coverage lasts a very long time.  How long? At BlogHer I’d apply my makeup in the morning (around 7:30) and it was still on for some of the parties at night. (except the one day when we spent most the day outside. Then I needed a bit of a touch up).  It’s fantastic! I have told my sister to buy it, and also one of my best friends.  The best part? You don’t feel like you’re wearing anything!

PurMinerals 5


PurMinerals 6


I contacted Pur Minerals to see if I could host a giveaway and share with my readers. But they did one better. They also sent me a few other items they carry to try out and report to you.  Awesome!!!

PurMinerals 7


PurMinerals 8


PurMinerals 9

 PurMinerals 10

I was sent the 4-in-1 tinted moisturizer, their hot rocks blush, brow pencil, and the blush brush (not available anymore, but they do have this blush brush item!).  The photos above (with makeup) demonstrated the blush and all over pencil.  I couldn’t use it for my eyebrows (little too light) but I did use it as an eyeliner.  Goes on smooth and I’ve been using the brow brush after using my usual brow-scara.  The blush took a bit of trial and effort.  At first the bristles on the brush were a bit too harsh than I’m used to.  I started using my regular soft-bristle brush to sweep on the color.  But I know that with mineral makeup, the layering of color is the best feature to build and highlight certain areas.  I went back to the brush and it’s growing on me.  But I love the blush.  It gives some pink, but not too much, and there’s also a nice shimmer that picks up great light.  The last item is the moisturizer.  I’ve only used it twice, as it’s been over 100* and wearing it alone makes me feel a bit slimy with this heat.  But the coverage was good and I’ll be shelfing it until fall comes around.

PurMinerals 11


PurMinerals 12


{Pur Minerals provided me with the blush, pencil, moisturizer & blush brush.  I purchased my own starter kit.  All opinions are mine, and I always tell it like it is!}



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    love this giveaway..i would like to give it a try …heard really good reviews on this.. thank you for the apportunity.love this set

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