Today I’ll Pretend to Be a Fashion Blogger



I might not be a fashion blogger. Or a beauty blogger. But I like to play one on tv.  I know that makes no sense. I’m not on tv. But I like to get a break from my normal routine and pretend I am a beauty blogger. Which is why at 9:30 on a Wednesday night before I head out of town and I should be packing, I’m instagramming the clay mask I applied, and lip butter sample I found in a bag.  Oh you don’t do that too?


Anyways. So while packing I took photos of my outfits. One, to make sure I have all the parts I needed for the outfit. And 2, well, it’s just fun.  I then sent them to my BFF (the one I am visiting) and I think she thought I was slightly crazy.  I’m VERY excited to bring my strapless bra and wear an actual dress!  I haven’t worn one in ages since I’m breastfeeding. But I figured I can live on the edge since I will only be pumping while at the hotel.







So, what do you do that’s out of your normal routine? Or am I the only one that does this? (please affirm I’m not crazy)

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