Our Preschool Favorite Items & Giveaway!

Aubrey’s been in school, full time, since last October.  She had to wait till her 2nd birthday so we missed the Back to School buzz and the awesome First Day of Preschool posts on Instagram.  We did document her first day and my how much she’s changed since then!

My little girl! The first year in Preschool has shaped her personality so much, as well as taught her tons of songs, words, and just things in general. She’ll randomly call out to me: Mom, You have eyebrows.  Why yes, yes I do Aubrey.  She knows her colors, counting, working on letters in recognition & writing.  It’s truly miraculous to see how much she’s blossomed.  When we were buying things for Preschool, I chose some based on what other parents recommended or shared online. Some I went with because I thought they were cool.  Here we are, a year later, and I can honestly say what we’ve been using, are amazing and awesome and you should buy them too.

Or, keep reading and enter to win them!!!!


When I was checking out Instagram one night, well before Aubrey started school, one of my peeps was posting regular photos of her kids’ lunches.  She did it in this cute, brightly colored lunchbox, but it had sections, and she used colorful baking cups to separate the tiny food.  After watching the amount of things she’d put in there, I finally asked her what kind of lunchbox it was.  She told me Goodbyn, and they sold it at Target.  So naturally, I went the next day and found a pink one for Aubrey.  And then my friend Liz said she’d send me vinyl stickers to cover it and I even made a hidden Mickey.

Lunch for Aubrey!

Decorated Goodbyn

It holds up amazingly and hasn’t built up any sort of smell over the past year.  It looks just as fantastic as it did last October!  You can purchase at Target, or directly through Goodbyn.  Target only has a few items though.  We also have purchased the Snacks container to use for Jon at school, and also have used for Luke’s meals at the grandmas’ house.  Those are great because each cup side is a 1/2 cup portion!

Goodbyn has been SO generous to help your little one prepare for Preschool by donating all the items you see below!

Boogie Wipes

I first learned about Boogie Wipes when Aubrey was a baby and I had mentioned on Facebook about how her poor nose was so red while she was sick.  A friend replied and shared with me how Boogie Wipes are awesome for kids (and that she actually always keeps a pack on her for her own use!)  The wipes are made with saline to help dissolve the boogies from illness or allergies.  There’s even a mist you can spray into nasal passages to help clear out the boogies!

Boogie Wipes has contributed with a sample pack for you to try out their items! Lucky winner will receive a 3oz Boogie Mist, 10-pack of Grape Boogie Wipes, 10-pack of Fresh Boogie Wipes and some more special goodies!


Being a blogger I’m approached with all sort of new products to try out.  And being friends with bloggers, I see their posts with items they receive to try out.  Chris from What I Run Into had a giveaway going for the SwaggerTag – a four pack to one lucky winner – which was me.  I picked out 2 boy colors and 2 girl colors and was happy when they matched really well with Aubrey’s school items.  You can print or create, or use a photo for the circle.  Since I was working on gathering up all her school stuff late one night, I just grabbed some of her Minnie Mouse stickers and wrote her name.

A year later and they still look just as great.  I even wash the lunchbox once a week to prevent stink and the water hasn’t affected the paper!  They’re affixed with zipties so it holds tight!  I’m lucky that I have 2 more to use on Luke’s items too! I stored them safely with the move. Now just to uncover where they’re at…

SwaggerTag has 2 for you to win & use for your little one’s school items!

Mabel’s Labels

I met Mabel’s Labels when I went to BlogHer in NYC in 2012.  I had seen a few mentions of them on Twitter and in person I was able to see a huge range of products.  Aubrey was 9 months old at the time, but I promised to remember them when I needed items for labeling her items.  I had no idea the need would be so quick, and I also procrastinated on buying them.  So the night before Preschool I was up doing this:

Ya. That didn’t even make it to the next day.  So I ordered her the Skinny Mini labels and they’re fantastic!

If you don’t have a kid in school yet, let me tell you, EVERYTHING has to be labeled.  I keep these in the kitchen in a drawer and every time we bring a new Friend to preschool (a nap time companion), I have to slap a sticker on it.  Even though the Skinny Mini labels (per Mabel’s Labels) are not meant for the washer/dryer, I’ll let you know that I’ve had no problems. She has them on each of her sheets for school and her blanket. I wash on cool and heat on medium heat.  But, you don’t need to worry about that….the gift pack from Mabel’s Labels include Tag-Mates that are washer/dryer safe!

Mabel’s Labels is providing their Ultimate Back To School Combo that includes Skinny Minis, Shoe Tags and more!

Nap Mat Carriers

Every Monday we drop off all of Aubrey’s nap stuff and every Friday we take it home.  Now, in theory, this isn’t a difficult task.  But, in practice, sometimes it’s rough. Most times I’m juggling both kids, Aubrey’s back pack, her nap time stuff (preschool does give a big clear bag but it just has a tiny handle that has ripped on more than one occasion), artwork, and it can just be a lot.  I’m always a fan of long straps on any sort of bag to help keep my hands free to help get the kids safely inside and Aubrey dropped off.

Nap Mat Carriers contacted me about a solution that allows for an enclosed bag, long strap, and fun colors.  It’s easy to spot Aubrey’s bag now in a sea of fluffy blankets & pillows.  Every afternoon we bring home her nap friend and lately it’s becoming more of a challenge to spot it. I feel like I’m in a game of real life Where’s Waldo except I’m searching for Big Minnie, Violet, or Olaf (which is actually a polar bear).  It’s large enough to hold her bedding, her nap friend, and a pillow if we choose!


Nap Mat Carriers are going to be available soon, but you have the chance to win one now!

Preschool Favorite Items - MelissaDell.com

I am so excited to share with you most of what we use on a regular basis for Preschool.  And I’m even more thrilled that these brands were willing to offer up my favorite things to one lucky winnner.  AND!!! Since 2 of the brands are Canadian based businesses (SwaggerTag & Mabel’s Labels) it’s only fair to have the giveaway open to all Canadian residents! A first for my blog!!! So please check out the Rafflecopter widget below.  Winner will be selected and contacted within 48 hours of the giveaway ending.  Response with mailing address will be needed within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen.  All products will be shipped from the businesses but I will help the best I can to ensure you receive everything!  Oh and please only enter if you’re 18 and over! (although your little one can be the lucky recipient!) Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Melanie McGovern says

    We swear by Boogie Wipes here (Kevin and I use them too!) and I have seen some of the other items and were looking into ordering them! What great timing for this blog!

  2. Melanie McGovern says

    I feel like such a stalker now! I have followed your blog for a while now and have always enjoyed your posts!

  3. Jessica Shickle says

    I’m so excited for this giveaway! I’ve enjoyed reading your reviews on these super cute products for the little ones. They would be wonderful to win!!!

  4. Kira says

    I’d be most excited about the good byns! Might have to get some from Target on my own. My daughter will only be doing preschool part time, 2x a week for two hours each, but they would be good to have.

  5. says

    I love it all! My little guy will be starting soon as well and we’re going to need all these things! really excited about the Goodbyn though! I love a good lunch organizer!

  6. Lien says

    Excited for the Goodbyn because it will be great for my preschooler whom like a variety of food during each meal.

  7. Aileen says

    Those Mabels Labels. With T starting preschool in the near future they will be perfect for all of his school stuff. (and this mommy who is always worried about losing things)

  8. Jessica says

    With two in daycare/pre-school and parents as teachers…we are CONSTANTLY going through containers! The Goodbyn set would be great to win and helpful with packing lunches!
    I vote Goodbyn! : )

  9. Sandi says

    Totally the bynto box plus accessories! We have a couple well loved ones that need replacing. The labels would be awesome too for my little man starting Kindergarden soon.

  10. Candace Galan-Calderon says

    I have been wanting a Goodbyn and there are no Targets close to where I live so I really hope I win one!

  11. Tracy Pryor says

    I’m most excited about the Mabel’s Labels. They would be really helpful when my son starts kindergarten.

  12. vcitoria lynch says

    I think that we eat boogie wipes for breakfast. They are perfect for so many things. I love that they have so many uses.

  13. Melanie Comello says

    I gotta say my favorite is the lunchbox. I absolutely love the idea with sectioning it all off with the bakincups, i actually have quite a few of these, and can’t wait to start with this ideal!!! Thank you 🙂

  14. Laurie Emerson says

    I am most excited to win the labels as my daughter starts Kindergarten on Monday and everything has to be labeled.

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