Preparing for the Holiday Bustle with a Toddler

Last year we went into our Christmas season with some plan, but with Aubrey being only 2 months old, it was hard to know if everything we planned would work out.  Since last Christmas, we have gone on many trips, or dinner parties, that resulted in late nights and we’ve somewhat perfected how we bring Aubrey along.  We know that we need the sound monitor (as the video one isn’t really needed on the go, but we just want to make sure we can hear her if she’s crying), and her favorite blankie and a stuffed animal for cuddle time.  She can, if tired enough, fall asleep pretty quickly in unfamiliar surroundings.  This is a tremendous blessing for us as we can stay places longer than 7pm. We’ve mastered the setting up/taking down of the pack n play (actually, Jon has. I am the one carefully transporting a half-asleep baby into the carseat for tear down) and Jon can even do it in the dark. We know that Aubrey still needs to somewhat stick to her bedtime (anywhere from 7:15-8 depending on what kind of say she’s had) and transitioning her back into her crib once we get home goes well.

But, as time passes us, and Aubrey is getting older, we wonder how many more times we can do this.  We figure next year, she’ll be plenty aware that “everyone” is still up and partying for Christmas Eve.  We figure this is our last year to stay till midnight and are going to take advantage of every minute.  New Year’s will also be spent home, although we joked that our friend’s house is big enough to house all the sleeping babies so the adults can party it up.  Not sure if that will really happen but hey, it’s nice to discuss!

Maybe in a few years we’ll be able to stay late at houses again, with kids that are older and can manage staying up later and hanging out with the other kids. But, until then, we enjoy what time we get to spend with our families, and working on planning out some new traditions.


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    Yes things change a bit when the kids are aware. But we still do stay till midnight. The kids sometimes fall asleep in our laps or they stay awake and fall asleep on the way home. We can no longer stay out anytime past midnight. (my family would be there until 2-3 am when I was little!)

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