Prepared Meals – Fresh to Your Door – Freshly Review

Freshly was kind enough to send me a start set of 6 meals to try out.  Below is my impression!

Fresh Meals To Your Door - Freshly Review

If you’re searching for a company to send fresh meals to someone (new parents, someone recovering from a surgery, a parent who is solo-parenting while the other is on a business trip) – PLEASE read on.  Spoiler alert but I loved the ease of everything that arrived.  Receiving a shipment of food without having to cut, chop, marinate, etc – and heat up in 1-2 minutes is just pure awesomeness.

Ok so what is Freshly?  They’re prepared meals delivered right to your door.  There’s a variety of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Each meal arrives with the cooking information and ALL of the ingredients (including spices!)

Fresh Meals To Your Door - Freshly Review

(image from Freshly)

I created a whole unboxing video (below) and as I enjoyed the meals, I was sharing them on Instagram.   Every meal was perfectly portioned, and gave you a really full satisfied feeling.  My mom and I shared the items while Jon was away in Germany.

I constantly see friends on Facebook asking for suggestions & meals to send to families & friends.  I’ve been sharing to ORDER FRESHLY!  As a new mom, I have been blessed with meals for dinner for our family.  But you know which meal I always seem to forget about?  Lunch.  With Freshly, you can order lunch for a week for a mom!  And with using this link, 3 of your meals will be free (this is for the 6 meal delivery with 50% off the total).  Sign up a friend, they will be ever so grateful.  So what are the other costs?

$69 – 6 meals/week
$99 – 9 meals/week
$129 – 12 meals/week
$229 – 21 meals/week
Every box arrives packed with dry ice & ice packs (which is great since SoCal is still experiencing 100* temps as we approach October!) to be eaten for that week.  There are so many different types of folks that can appreciate these meals!
Thank you Freshly for sending us a box!  And keeping this handy for when baby #3 arrives in a few weeks!
You can find Freshly on social media too.
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