Pregnancy update – 26 weeks

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You guys, I am TWENTY-SIX weeks pregnant. I remember when I was first pregnant and learned how to make a homemade preg test, I couldn’t believe it was accurate! The time is going at a normal rate but holy wow do I feel 26 weeks pregnant.  My maternity tanks I live in (From Target – Liz Lange Maternity) are getting shorter and shorter as my belly is getting bigger and bigger.  I’m slowly outgrowing my pjs.  And I got the waddle bad.  Even Aubrey’s preschool office manager is pointing out my waddle.

And yes, I am complaining but I’m pretty sure lugging around the extra 20 lbs I’ve gained warrants that right.  I remember the first time I was pregnant and in the last month of pregnancy I couldn’t understand why my feet literally hurt to walk on.  I then realized it had something to do with gaining 30 pounds and just not being used to it.  I bought the squishiest slippers I could find at Target to help.

Last weekend I took Aubrey to a movie in a park and we visited the port-a-potties FIVE times.  I was so sore the next day I literally thought the baby would just FALL out.  I really need to do a full post on all the bad/funky things your body goes through during pregnancy.  I’ve shared with some bloggers what happened while pregnant with Aubrey.  And with this baby.  Luke was I guess a ‘mild’ case of funny stories.

Ok I’ll share one real fast from Aubrey.

I had gone out to a froyo place to tell a friend I was pregnant.  It was one of the places that has all the toppings out for you to pile on.  So, I did. My favorite thing to put on is Cap’n Crunch with Crunchberries.  I got home, was talking with Jon, laying on the couch and all of a sudden knew something was just WRONG.

Not, “oh my gosh call the doctor” wrong.

The “hurry up and get your butt to the bathroom” wrong.

Except…I didn’t make it. Instead I puked all over the kitchen floor.  And had it in my hair, my hands, my shirt.

And it was BLUE. Jon said it looked like a Smurf massacre happened all over our kitchen.

Such a sad day. I couldn’t eat FroYo for like a week. Ha ha ha. Bet you thought I’d say a lifetime? No. I was pregnant!

Anyways, so ya, that was just one of the many funny, I mean funny moments that have occurred while I’ve been pregnant.

Some things still on our to do list.

Buy Stuff.

I have been trying to slowly accumulate things through friends, or the online Facebook groups.  We still need a stroller. A friend offered us hers if we end up realizing we just can’t fit it in the budget.  I don’t have any clothes.  Well, newborn clothes. It’s sort of hard to shop when you don’t know if you’re having a boy or a girl. Which brings me to the next thing.


Ugh SO HARD!! Jon and I go through stages of coming up with a bunch of names. Most are rejected. Like, 99%.  My list of names currently has 2. That’s pathetic. We don’t even love the names.  We do have the middle name set upon.  It’s the same whether it’s a boy or girl.  But first names.  I’ll tell you what I’m working with. (and, what Jon is working with)

Me: Nothing with too many L’s (if any).  No Girl names that start with D (don’t want her to be teased by Double D’s cuz she will NOT be having those – just being honest!), No long names to just shorten (I purposely named Luke not Lucas because I only wanted to call him Luke. So no Gabriella calling her Gabi. But, that has too many L’s so that’s out anyways), Want something classic – nothing too trendy, Must go along with Luke & Aubrey. There’s probably more. Some names I hear and I just go “no” with no real concrete reason.

Jon: Older name. Like it would be great if we gave birth to an 85 year old person.  But, we’re not. So, ya.


As you can see, I’d appear to be the high maintenance one. But when I do come up with names, then he doesn’t like them. So we have about 14 more weeks to figure this out.

That is All.

I can’t think of anything else we’re really struggling with. One thing I’m trying not to stress about is the whole room swap-a-roo with Aubrey and Luke.  Luke sometimes gets up in the middle of the night and I don’t want him waking her up. But, she sleeps like a rock so it might be ok.  But they have stuff that needs to be combined. A lot of stuff can be purged. I mean, I just cleared out 2 trashbags of Luke’s clothes that didn’t even fit him and there were onesies for 12 months. TWELVE MONTHS! He’s over 2 and we’ve lived here since he was 18 months old. #MomFail.  For sure.

Anyways this is turning into a novel. Thanks if you’re still reading.  So, Baby #3 will be here before we know it. By Thanksgiving. Hopefully.  I am begging this kid be born by then 🙂

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