Pregnancy Update – 20 weeks

Well, I like to make sure nausea is gone before I start screaming it from the rooftops. And, after several weeks of not needing my Zofran, I think that time has finally come. WAHOO! For any of my pregnant friends, you know there’s nothing worse than feeling nauseated.  Well, there is something worse.  It is spending time with a dear friend made of porcelain (don’t recommend that).  I was making it ok for most days but for a good stretch night time was NOT my friend.  And I’m a wuss and can’t just muster through it. Especially with Aubrey running around.

So glad to say that stage is OVER! I love eating and try to keep eating as healthy as possible but man, this little guy REALLY likes hot dogs, and mac n cheese, pizza, ice cream. LOL. Just like his daddy!  I’m still loving my jeans, but I need to call Macy’s (or Pea in the Pod) because I noticed some runs going in the pair I got from SOLD. I am terrified when I wear them that I’ll sneeze or bend over and have a major OMG moment.  But I keep procrastinating because I keep finding other things to do. And I’m scared because I can’t recall if I kept the receipt. If I did, I think it went in something that went in storage. And what went in storage was emptied out and I told Jon it was ok to trash cuz the receipts were from Christmas. Oops. So, I’ll keep you posted on that. I thought about just putting a patch on the inside but I mean, for the denim pricetag, you’d think something like this WOULDN’T happen.

Names are still being discussed.  We have our main name from when we picked a boy & girl name when we were pregnant with Aubrey, but Jon wants to cover all options and try out others. They’re not going well. So pretty sure we’ll end up with our original name.  And not sure what I’m going to do with the online world.  When I was pregnant with Aubrey, I kept her name offline and just called her Baby A until she was born. Then, I posted her name and her stats. It got difficult towards the end of my pregnancy (especially after the family & friend showers) because folks were posting on Facebook pics and names and it was a lot to manage. So maybe once we confirm his name I’ll be ok with sharing. Who knows. Maybe we won’t have his name figured out till he’s born.

I kid. Of course we’ll have it picked out.

I’ve also started thinking about the nursery theme. Well, keeping in mind he’s sharing a room with Aubrey for awhile.  So it’s more his crib stuff.  I still love the green from Aubrey’s room.  It’s a great color for a boy too. But I also am having my mom crochet a gray & white chevron blanket that I’m hoping he’ll be using  for a long time (we’re making it slightly larger so it can work for a toddler bed).  I’ll be getting a white crib for him. Aubrey’s is cherry. I could always paint hers white too. But that’s annoying. Plus, where would she sleep while I work on that project??

So, lots of things going on. But baby boy is half baked! Coming to meet us this summer! Very excited for that!


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