Pregnancy Awareness Month Kick-Off Event {vendors & panel} #mayPAM

This is a follow up post about the Pregnancy Awareness Month kick-off event in Santa Monica. I was invited by MomsLA and here is the recap on some of the vendors & the celebrity dad panel!
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After lunch ended, I started walking around to visit some of the vendors. Most I was familiar with but some I had only heard of and not seen the products in person. We loved Plum Organics puffs when Aubrey was smaller. We hadn’t given her any of the squeeze pouches because I tried giving her one through a refillable product, and it scared her. Her face reacted as if I was trying to poison her. I was not. But Plum Organics had a few new flavors I hadn’t seen before. They also have a line (coming out or already out – I can’t recall) on 100% vegetable pouches – not mixed with anything else. And those purple & green things were screw on spoons to add to the pouches.  They also had some great mixes and I grabbed the Apple Raisin & Quinoa one for her to try. She loved it (as you can tell)

(recorded on Vine, that’s why it’s so chopped together). I wanted to taste it but she pretty much devoured the whole thing before I had a chance. Next time!



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One of the items in our swag bags was the Daddy Scrubs diaper backpack. Jon is super stoked about this. He always complains about having to carry the diaper bag (whether we’re together or he’s alone) so I’m glad he’ll have his own to load up now that he’ll be having more opportunities to have one of the kids on his own.

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Here is another view of the bag – loaded up with accessories. The Daddy Scrubs line started as Scrubs but now there is the Diaper Pack. It has a ton of pockets to hold anything from sunglasses, pens, food, bottles, and has great cushioned straps. Heck, I might even use this some of the time.

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Making my rounds I found the lovely ladies behind Project Nursery – set up to have on-site consultations. They were lovely and we talked about bumping up our kids (slightly early) to toddler beds. Well, she had bumped hers up to a full and said that it didn’t go well so she slept next to it in a pack n play for several months. She said good call on the toddler bed.

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 I have heard a lot about Stokke and loved the print/color of this new collection. This is their only “black” color – called black melange. It is a cross-hatch pattern that is in a gray color. So chic!

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I’m in love with this diaper bag.  It’s made by Lassig USA and is created from recycled bottles. I loved the color, the inside pop of green, and the outside design.  Could easily be used by Jon or me as it’s not too girlie or too masculine.  The inside was created well – that zippered attached pouch is a wet bag to be used for wet clothing (or you could use for cloth diapers if you’re using that like we will be for Luke).  The pocket on the left is for wipes – you slide in a pack, and it has an opening to easily flip open the lid and pull out what you need.  Plenty of storage inside. I said “wow” about 5 times.

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I found this booth, nursing pads by Epibi and loved the lace – those were the ones that caught my eye first. Dr. Elly Hann was there to show off her products. I explained I had another brand that I used while nursing Aubrey and loved being able to wash and use them again. What I found most interesting about her product – is that you don’t have to wait all day for them to dry. I seemed to have that problem with mine and often would have to throw on a disposable pair if I forgot to wash them the night before (and let them dry). She said these can be pulled from the washer and can be used within 15 minutes and dry as they’re on you. They retail at the Pump Station or you can also buy online (so buying some). there are also overnight ones.

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Joovy is known for their strollers and other big equipment, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn about their new adventure – the Boob Bottles. I spoke with one of the reps (my bad baby brain has me forgetting everyone’s names. boo) and she demonstrated how all the bottles use the pieces, but different nipples, for different flows. They’re currently working on a preemie nipple to use as well for babies. What I found interesting was the shape of the nipple. It was slightly longer than the ones we had used for Aubrey, and seem to have a more mimic’d appearance of an actual nipple. She provided me with one to try with Luke when he’s here and I hope they work out! The ones we had with Aubrey had a lot of inner parts to wash and would rather just one nipple part than 2. Oh and she also recommended sticking with the 0-3 month nipple while breastfeeding so it has a slower flow.

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Happy Family Products also has great snack options for little ones. My mom gave me a mini booklet of their products so I was happy that I recognized their branding (great job guys!) as the same company. I took this photo because I was intrigued by the caramel yogurt & apple bits – nice spin off from the organic yogurt bites! Aubrey has had yogurt bites before, but I bet she’d like the apple/caramel mix!

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As I was leaving I stopped abruptly when I saw this little guy at the Crane booth. I had seen another blogger post about it and I wanted to check it out in person. It is such a cool idea! The belly light is what plugs into the wall to charge. When it’s night time, you unplug the light from the wall, and place it in the belly of the animal (they have this duck, a hippo and a frog. They are made from a soft plastic and will glow up to 8 hours. I need this. For Aubrey, but also for me – mid night diaper changes might be much easier with a happy little ducky smiling at me.


The Celebrity Dad Panel was a great presentation. I snuck in a little bit after it started but found that Ian Ziering (from 90210), Balthazar Getty (from Brothers and Sisters) and Eric Dane (from Grey’s Anatomy) were talking to all the Dads (and c’mon, let’s face it, the moms too!) about how life can change after you bring home your bundle of joy. I was tweeting during the panel and it was really great to hear how much they love their kids. Ian’s wife just gave birth to their 2nd daughter 8 days before this event. EIGHT! Balthazar has 4 kids, 3 girls and 1 boy. Their son was born premature at 24 weeks and weighed only 1.5 pounds. Eric and he had been friends for years and Eric commented about how stressful that time was, but everyone was glad to hear how his son is doing now – tallest kid in his class. Eric has 2 kids, and he said that 2 is good for them :)

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At the end of the panel, Ian helped for a raffle to give away a really awesome gift. After several pulls of numbers (and no one there to claim it) he yelled out “ok who’s pregnant??” I shot my hand up and before I realized what happened, he said “YOU! IN THE RED! YOU WIN!”


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See that bowl I’m holding? It’s a 2 part process that was created by BelliVita. You do a cast of your pregnant belly, send to Laura Marie, and she uses it to create a beautiful (and heavy!) bowl to use as you please. I’m so excited to work on that creation and have that as a keepsake! So much more modern & lovely than just a cast alone!


I had a really great day at the Pregnancy Awareness Kick-off event in Santa Monica. I commented with another blogger, Megan, how the whole day was so relevant to us, in our current stage of life. Had a blast!

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