Powersheets – 6 months of dedication

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So a long, long, long time ago, I purchased the Powersheets from Lara Casey and vlogged about it (view that here).  Well, I didn’t get far with that.  Life happened and before I knew it, we were buying our home, moving in, and having a baby.  Now that baby is 7 months old and the dust has settled a bit.  I’m getting focused back on life, and I decided to purchase a new set of Powersheets to use starting in July.  Yes, as in, a few days.

PowerSheets Ultimate Intentional Goal Planning Workbook Lara Casey Shop


They arrived and I’ve been working on the first section to get ready and set my goals.


(PS I’m obsessed with these papermate flair pens!!!) So how would I explain Powersheets?  I was telling Chris  that it’s a way to cut back on all the noise of projects, ideas, and things you want to do.  It’s a way to drill down and simplify goals you actually should do – life goals, spiritual goals, business goals.  After those are identified, the Powersheets help to break down those goals into actionable steps that don’t seem so overwhelming.  And each month there’s a tending list to put right in front of your face to keep you accountable. So I vow to keep with these.  I have a lot of noise I need to cut out and I want to share my journey with you! (keep up with me on Instagram)


  2018 PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner

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