Potty Training – Day 2 {recap}

After surviving day one on Thursday, I decided to tackle day 2 of training as soon as we woke up Friday. With plans that would have us out of the house for the whole weekend, I was hoping to see if progress would continue to happen.  Spoiler alert – it did, and it didn’t.
Potty Training - Day 2 - melissadell

Same thing as Thursday – she woke up and pooped in her diaper almost right away. Yay for no worries about THAT cleanup for the day! I started off with the undies as I did on Thursday and this time tried out Sarah’s method of asking her if her undies were dry-every 2 seconds. Ok, ok. not that often. But she didn’t really get what dry meant, until they were wet.  She knew something wasn’t right because she got that look of guilt on her face like “uh, what just happened here.”

That morning we still used the egg timer for 10 minute intervals but she kept going AFTER we sat on the potty.  I kept Jon updated on email.  By the end of the day his concern was growing as my tone was changing. lol.

Potty Training - Day 2 - melissadell 2

Potty Training - Day 2 - melissadell 3


Potty Training - Day 2 - melissadell 4

and 30 minutes later:

Potty Training - Day 2 - melissadell 5

Apparently she still had a full bladder :/  Jon asked me if I thought she thought it was a game, or is she not getting it. I sent this over…

Potty Training - Day 2 - melissadell 6

And with that, we had lunch, she fell asleep for her nap in under 5 minutes, and I followed suit.  So if you were keeping count:

2 successful potty times

4 (maybe 5 – can’t remember) accidents in undies which really went all over the floor :/

I’m writing this Tuesday night, and not sure when we’ll tackle training again. Tonight after bath she sat on the potty like we always do before & after bath time, and then went in her room and she peed on the floor. LOL.  But gotta love her!


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